Elderly Baha’i Man Arrested for Third Time for Peacefully Practicing His Religion


While searching Ali Ahmadi’s house, agents of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry called him a ‘Baha’i dog’ and warned him not to make contact with them with his ‘filthy’ body.

“…The agents repeatedly cursed and insulted him and called him a ‘Baha’i dog’”

Formerly imprisoned Baha’i faith member Ali Ahmadi has been arrested for a third time in Iran on the charge of “propaganda against the state,” this time for having a holy book inside his home, a source with knowledge about his case informed the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI).

The latest arrest took place on November 18, 2018, in the city of Sari by the Caspian Sea where the 60-year-old works as a rice trader. He was taken into custody by agents of the Intelligence Ministry and is currently being held in solitary confinement at the Kachouie Detention Center in Sari.

“At 7:30 in the morning, eight agents from the Intelligence Ministry went to his house and quickly flashed a piece of paper that apparently gave them permission to search the house and arrest Mr. Ahmadi,” the source said on December 23 after requesting anonymity for security purposes.



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  1. There should be no compulsion in religion. Let’s leave it up to Allah to judge who is right or wrong.

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