China’s brutal crackdown on Uighurs shows no sign of slowing down – so why aren’t Muslim leaders stepping in?

The shameful silence of Muslim politicians over the treatment of this community is more than a story of betrayal. It’s a tragic tale of how globalisation has exalted wealth over human rights

Hasnet Lais
The Independent Voices

Having endured the brunt of the US military machine for decades, the Muslim world is today confronted with another leviathan forcibly seeking its political acquiescence: China.

The People’s Republic is currently pursuing an unprecedented crackdown on the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, previously East Turkestan, for whom the region has become a real-life dystopia.

More than a million Muslims have been arbitrarily detained in re-education centres under the guise of combating extremism and are forcibly undergoing indoctrination programmes, which involve studying communist propaganda and renouncing fundamental pillars of the Islamic faith.

Uighurs can be prosecuted for the most benign manifestations of faith, such as wearing headscarves, growing “abnormal” beards and reading the Quran. Their details, collected from facial recognition, identity cards and DNA samples are fed into a database to determine their loyalty to the communist creed.

In the clutches of a surveillance apparatus very much the stuff of Orwellian nightmares, Uighur Muslims find themselves the foremost target of the Sinicisation of religions, a policy which the Communist Party secretary of Xinjiang, Chen Quanguo, previously modelled in Tibet to accelerate the political and cultural transformation of local people.

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  1. Maybe because most of them are really just self serving Freemasons – whose real fraternity with the other rich people – not with the suffering Muslims of China, Burma and other places?

    • money money money, it is not funny. Yes, Pakistan is not saying anything, because they seek loans and grants and business deals with China, and so do many others. Just like so many do not criticize Saudi Arabia for the same reason.

  2. – QUOTE —so why aren’t Muslim leaders stepping in?==

    Because all Muslim leaders are hypocrite—why do Ahmadiyyah speak out loudly to protest China Government. Why not??

    Believe me that Allah will not protect most Muslim from persecution any more—because most Muslim have been running away from Allah and believe in their leaders, or Imam or Khaliah.

    What ever their leader command to do, they will do it because they believe that command is from God.

    Whereas Allah forbid to follow a idol than Allah alone.

    “Quran; They have taken their ulama’ and their monks as gods beside Allah, —
    That is why?“

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