Op-Ed: Jewish supporters of Nazism in Pakistan

Pakistan flag

The white strip in the Pakistan flag is supposed to represent the minorities; but it has been blood stained in the last few decades

Source: Daily Times

By Yasser Latif Hamdani; @theRealYLH

Recently the Government of Pakistan under Herr Imran Khan through NADRA added a fresh new oath to the Computerised National Identity Card forms to ensure that no Ahmadi would ever register as a citizen in this country. Till now Ahmadis had been able to register as citizens of Ahmadi faith simply by refusing to sign the oath required for officially sanctioned Muslims. Now they are required to sign an affidavit saying that they consider themselves Non-Muslim as well.

This is a fresh new violation of Article 20 of the Constitution because the core belief of Ahmadi faith is that they consider themselves Muslims. While the state for the purposes of law and constitution considers them Non-Muslim, the state cannot force them to consider themselves non-Muslim. This is a violation of not just the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom but is a violation of all norms of decency and humanity. To think that the move comes days after Fuhrer Imran Khan promised to teach Prime Minister Modi how to treat minorities well.

Yet there are even Ahmadis who have decided to support this fascist government.

Pakistan now stands closer on the brink of genocide Ahmadis. We can reverse it. Of course the establishment has its own Gorings and Goebbels or the equivalent of squeeler the pig from Animal Farm to make it more palatable to the world

History is full of strange ironies. Verband national deutscher Juden and Der deutsche Vortrupp were two Jewish groups in Nazi Germany who supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. One such Jew was Max Naumann who posited the idea of assimilation as an answer to anti-Semitism. After Adolf Hitler’s election in 1933, Naumann issued the following statement: “We have always held the well-being of the German people and the fatherland, to which we feel inextricably linked, above our own well-being. Thus we greeted the results of January, 1933, even though it has brought hardship for us personally.” This idea of a hapless minority trying to disarm the majority by submitting to their whims has never worked. One needs to stand up to fascism not endorse it on flimsy grounds. As it turned out a year later both these Jewish groups were disbanded by the Nazis and Max Naumann himself was thrown away in a dungeon. Maulana Mazhar Ali Azhar was the leader of the fascist anti-Ahmadi anti-Shia Majlis-e-Ahrar. He called Jinnah Kafir-e-Azam for marrying a Parsi, being a Shia and having Ahmadis in the Muslim League. Responding to the questions of the Munir-Kayani Commission in 1954 Azhar said that he was a Shia himself. Questioning the credentials of Max Naumann or Maulana Mazhar Ali Azhar can never be an attack on their identity or faith.

Pakistan now stands closer on the brink of genocide or even a holocaust of Ahmadis. Of course the establishment has its own Gorings and Goebbels or the equivalent of squeeler the pig from Animal Farm to make it more palatable to the world. PR consultants have been invited from world over to give Pakistan’s increasingly fascist tendencies and clamp down on religious minorities a palatable spin. In a recent tweet one such PR consultant justified the anti-Ahmadi sentiment in Pakistan by saying that it was the result of Ahmadis insisting that they are Muslims when their beliefs are contrary to core Islamic beliefs. All this is unfolding while politicians who once dared to question the permanent clamp down on freedom of speech are being packed off to jail on trumped up corruption charges. When it comes the Fuhrer and his coterie, including his sister, there is an exemption from corruption. To date no one has explained how the Fuhrer runs his personal 300 kanal residence, when he has no source of income. Compromised much Mr Prime Minister?

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  1. oooh! my GOD I don’t even know what to say here though: many Muslims say that, “the Ahmadis are not Muslims” & the Ahmadis are doing good works for Islam than many Muslims around the world… so what can we (average Muslims) say in this rather complex issue?

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