Video: “We will show Modi’s India how to treat minorities” – Imran Khan

Pakistan PM’s comments draw flak on social media

Published: December 23, 2018
Huda Tabrez, Community Web Editor

Dubai: Comments by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan have drawn the ire of social media in India, after a clip of his speech on Saturday was widely shared.

Speaking in the state of Punjab, Khan urged ministers to consider the status of minorities. He also commented on the recent controversy related to Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah, where he had said in an interview that he was “afraid” for his children in today’s India.

“What he [Shah] is saying is what Quaid-e-Azam [Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah] had said [during India’s partition]. When he said that Muslims would not be treated as equal citizens is what is happening in India right now,” he said during the speech.

He went on to add that the ministers had to make Pakistan into a country where minorities got equal rights and were considered equal citizens.

“We have to especially show Narendra Modi’s India how we treat minorities and how they treat minorities,” he added.

The comment received an ovation from the Pakistani ministers but drew flak from neighbouring India.




2 replies

  1. I am originally from India. Pakistan had to learn a lot from India on treatment of minorities. First of all Imran Khan needs to amend the Pakistan constitution getting rid of the concept of “Islamic Republic” and replace with secular constitution. Current state of affair of minority treatment is a temporary situation in India. You saw in 4 states in India hindu party was replaced in the recent election.

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