The Secret History of Muslims in the U.S.

Source: The New York Times

By Hussein RashidNegin Farsad and Joshua Seftel

Muslims have been here since the time of the earliest explorers and have left their mark on everything from the White House to the Marine Corps uniform.

Muslims arrived with Columbus and have been leaving their mark on American culture and society ever since. Did you know that the Statue of Liberty was based on an Egyptian Muslim woman and that two of the oldest mosques in the United States are in Ross, N.D., and Cedar Rapids, Iowa? In the video above, we explain many other ways Muslim history is tightly woven into American life.

Hussein Rashid (@islamoyankee) is an adjunct faculty member in the department of religion at Barnard College and focuses his research on Muslim and American popular culture. Negin Farsad (@NeginFarsad) is an Iranian-American writer and comedian. Joshua Seftel (@jseftel) is a filmmaker and creator of the Emmy-nominated series The Secret Life of Muslims.

Video Here

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