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2. The American Muslim Agenda – delayed publishing

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Youth program: How to Run for Congress in 2020 – Start now! 

$250 for four days includes Registration fee, meals and lodging (available for the first 46 students).

The Campaign Management School teaches you how to win elections. This premier campaign training provides future candidates, campaign managers, and staff with the tools and information necessary to organize a winning campaign with a strong grassroots organization and an effective media strategy.

Regardless of the level of your political experience, learn the experts’ secrets of an effective campaign from announcement to Election Day. Our faculty includes today’s most experienced campaign professionals.

You will learn how to:
• Write a campaign plan
• Develop a winning campaign strategy
• Target and identify voters
• Manage grassroots outreach
• Raise funds
Book: The American Muslim Agenda
Last week we had three testimonials from the first Muslim Ambassador Bob Crane, Pastor Bob Roberts, and the first Muslim woman Quran translator Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar. This week we are adding the comments from Rabbi Gerry Serotta and Dr. Harbans Lal. The comments are at
Rabbi Gerald Serotta, Executive Director, Interfaith Conference of Washington
Dr. Mike Ghouse is a warrior for conflict resolution and a partisan for non-partisan dialogue. He aims to bring all voices to the table of religious pluralism that he sets with the “agenda” in this book. He and I have shared presentations on panels where the perspective centers on covenantal pluralism, the idea that a God who can treasure one faith community must have the will and power to treasure all moral communities of whatever faith or of no faith. May his efforts in articulating the agenda for his beloved Muslim community inspire other faith leaders to delve self-critically and responsibly into the resources within their own religions to move beyond tolerance to a loving and robust mutual appreciation. Our times need his voice and need others to speak out as well.
Dr. Harbans Lal, Emeritus Professor, and Chairman, Dept of Pharmacology & Neuroscience, UNT Health Science Center,

It is only recently that many courageous scholars and public servants began to tell what the real Islam was. Guru Nanak wrote hundreds of hymns in the Sikh scripture on who is a good Muslim. I am glad to see the recent book by Mike Ghouse. Mike began nearly 15 years ago to set the stage right. He started with a radio show on the world’s religions. I remember my frequent participation there and answering Mike’s piercing questions. Then he contributed hundreds of columns in leading newspapers and magazines. Now, he came up with his book that elucidates the purpose of religion in general and the role of Islam in particular as a member of the community of faiths. I recommend this book to the Muslim community and their neighbors who are the followers of other religions. In facts, the adherents of other religions might consider Mike’s approach in spreading the sacred words of the founders of their beliefs.

Book will be out for Christmas

The publication is delayed further – the editorial staff was correcting the grammar in the 100 plus translated verses, and I am redoing them all again in the following format. I wanted to produce the translations as translated.

Format: Quran 49:13, “…………………”
Almost all the translations are by Muhammad Asad, except when mentioned including the names of Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar, Safi Kaskas, Hilali Khan, Yusuf Ali and others.
…………. …………
Islam in a nutshell 

Rabbi Hillel was asked to explain the essence of religion; he said, “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation of this-go and study it!”

I would say, the following about Islam, “If you can learn to respect the otherness of the other, and accept the God-given uniqueness of each one of us (49:13), that is the whole truth about Islam and the rest is the explanation of this – go and study it.”

Talking points of the book 

Given the prevalent anti-Muslim attitudes, I have proudly asserted my Muslimness in the book, and bring Americans together and firm up the process of acceptance of Muslims as fellow Americans.

Sean Hannity of Fox News will be our catalyst in releasing the book, that means a massive reach out to the right-leaning men and women. Instead of running away from them, we must positively engage with them. This book would be a bridge for Muslims.

I hope it is your vision to see an America where each one of us is comfortable with our faith, race, ethnicity, and culture, and our children and grandchildren can live without worries about the conflicts with fellow Americans. If that is your dream as well, you may find the pleasure in supporting the Center for Pluralism.

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Mike Ghouse

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Dr. Mike Ghouse is a public speaker and the Executive Director of the Center for Pluralism in Washington, DC. He is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. More about him at

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