Quelling the Protests in Pakistan about Asiya Bibi

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Islamic knowledge and his capabilities will be tested now. Is he going to yield to the mob frenzy protesting against the ruling of Pakistan’s Supreme Court to absolve Asiya Bibi from blasphemy charges?
The protest must be allowed, that is the only outlet people have to express their frustrations, but no one has a right to damage public property or harass and frighten fellow Pakistanis. Islam was meant to create peaceful societies where people don’t have to live in apprehension or fear of the other.
Prophet Muhammad is a mercy to humanity; all his acts were that of kindness. Once he was pelted with rocks and was bleeding, his associates wanted to go beat up the miscreants, and the prophet said no, then the archangel Gabriel said, Muhammad, if you permit me, I will crush them, the prophet repeated no. He said, let’s forgive them, for they know not, and he prayed for them and asked God to guide them. Muslims proudly share this story, but it is time, they apply it in their own lives.
It is time for Muslims to think, is Prophet Muhammad going to disappear because someone criticizes, curses or draws his cartoon?
Muslims need to be assured by the leaders that the prophet is not going anywhere, his message of peace and kindness will be carried through the end times. Muslims need to have faith in God and the prophet. Prophet will always be there.
These lost souls protesting against the judgment of the Supreme court need to know that, they are wrong. Prophet does not need these men to defend him or protect him. The prophet would not approve their acts of harassment and creating chaos and fear among fellow Pakistanis who are Christians.
Indeed, Muslims love to quote sayings of the prophet, “if you are unjust to others, on the Day of Judgment, I will speak against you and stand with them.” Moreover, there is a document by the Prophet at the St. Catherin Monastery where he asked his followers to protect the places of worship and care for people of other faiths.
Is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mercy to humanity or not? If he was mercy, is this the way his followers depict him to the world?
Imran Khan needs to explain to the crowds that the Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan are not Islamic, but were British laws under penal code 295A to control the uprisings against colonialism? There is no place for Blasphemy laws in Islam! There is no history of it during the times of the prophet, and the Blasphemy laws are an invention by Muslim rulers a hundred years after the death of the prophet.
The blasphemy laws go against the God-given freedom, and it aids the tyrants to abuse it. In Pakistan, a man framed a girl for desecrating Quran, and the entire Joseph Colony, a Christian town was destroyed before they discovered the truth.
It is time their belief matches with their acts. If the prophet is a mercy to humanity, then his followers need to show it to the world that he was a mercy to humankind. Their acts are a zulm (oppression) against those who did not believe in him.
Imran Khan talked about the rule of law being the anchor for any peaceful, secure and prosperous societies, and it is time that he applies that in Pakistan.

The previous article on Asiya Bibi and Muslim efforts at http://centerforpluralism.com/blasphemy-charges-lifted-on-asiya-bibi-in-pakistan-muslim-efforts/

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  1. It seems Imran Khan has made a U turn again. As long as Asia Bibi is in Pakistan she is in great danger. Out of jail may be even more than inside.

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