Israel arrests Palestinian governor of occupied Jerusalem — officials

By AFP – Oct 22,2018 – JORDAN TIMES

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM — Israeli forces have arrested the Palestinian governor of occupied city of Jerusalem for unspecified offences he allegedly committed in the occupied West Bank, the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) said on Sunday.

Adnan Gheith was arrested on Saturday evening in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood Beit Hanina, the PLO said.

On Sunday morning, he was taken to the Ofer Israeli military court, where he is being detained ahead of a hearing that will take place within four days, the PLO said in a statement.

PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat said the arrest was “a new step… against the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem”, and constitutes a violation of Israel’s own terms regarding Palestinian institutions in the city.

“The threats and detentions against Palestinian political and community leaders, including the abduction of Governor Gheith, should only be taken as part of Israel’s plan to eliminate any foundations for a political solution based on two-states on the 1967 border,” Erekat said in a statement.

The Israeli forces had no immediate comment. Israeli forces spokesman Micky Rosenfeld would only say that “two people were arrested and there is an ongoing investigation taking place”.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem along with the West Bank in the 1967 Six-Day War and later declared the entire city its united capital.

Palestinians claim the predominantly Arab eastern area as the capital of a future Palestinian state. The PLO operated in Jerusalem from the Orient House, which Israel shut down in 2000.


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    All Progressive Muslim around the world really want to help you, but as long there is Extremist Hamas who want to create Islamic state, Israel will not allow it. 100 percent Israel will not allow the 2 States will happen.


    As good Muslim have to obey Allah sincerely in order Allah will bless us all with peaceful mind, otherwise Allah will punish Hamas severely. without obeying Allah’s rule how to live with other people in peace, happiness. Enough is enough, millions Muslim Children have been died and suffered because of fighting with Israel.
    Allah rule as following.
    “O Allah, O Lord of the Kingdom, You give kingdom( Israel) to whom You will, and take kingdom (Arab) away from whom You will; and You bestow honor on whom You will, and bring disgrace to whom You will. In your hand lies the betterment (of everyone). You are surely powerful over every thing. Q.3:26.
    If you have received a wound, they have received a similar wound. Such days We ROTATE among the people, so that Allah may know those who believe and let some of you be martyrs – and Allah does not like the unjust Q3:(140)
    Allah has the right to ROTATE the power to govern the peoppe of the land. No one can change Allah’s rule except The King of The King, God almighty ( Allah),

    Palestine and Hamas has been trying to take the Power back many times by attacking Israel but infortunately Allah always in favor Jews than Arab Muslim. Palestine always fail.
    Even Million Arab Muslim pray to Allah for asking His HELP, but Allah still Help Jews — Allah has bern punishing Palestine people till today. It means Allah REJECT Palestine and Hamas.
    It is time for Palestine and Hamas to contemplate why Allah never listen your prayer—-Million Muslim. Prayer around the world? there is something wrong.
    Allah promise to the true believer to HELP any time they pray to Allah as following;
    (Remember) when you sought help of your Lord and He answered you (saying): “I will help you with a thousand of the angels each behind the other (following one another) in succession.” Q8/9.
    God help Jewish to have their own state that is surrounded by Arab nations. Jewish has the right to exist within Arab nations. God never help Palestine or Hamas to take back Israel since 1948. This is reality, this is God’s plan for His people Jewish, the follower of prophet Moses.
    A wise leader always look at to himself if there is something wrong, but a foolish always blame others. Proverb David.
    it is the time for Palestine Hamas to contemplate, and find what is wrong with ourself why Allah never HELP Palestine Muslim to defeat Jews in Israel for several decades since 1947 till to day? Every time Palestine assault or attack Israel, never win the battle. Thousand Palestine children became victims or sacrifice themselve. for the sake of Palisten. Very sad indeed.

    What God say in Al Quran as Muslim guidance. God law is The best guidance in the world.

    Allah is not cruel to (His) servantS or to Palestine or Hamas!

    Whatever of good reaches you, is from Allâh, but whatever of evil befalls you, is from yourself.QS 4;79.

    70 years Gaza have been suffered because of their leaders who ask to worship idol hadith. THAT IS WHY.

    A wise leader always look at to himself if there is something wrong— but a foolish always blame others.
    It is not good !!
    Hopefully Allah will guide Palestine leaders to the right path of Islam— do nor worship Hadis and STONE KAABA.

    All love ❤️

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