Trump’s personal crusade


US President Donald Trump continues to tighten the noose around the neck of the Palestinians in East Jerusalem to make their life difficult by slashing even more of any remaining aid to them, this time to their hospitals.

The spokesperson of the US State Department said on Monday that President Trump has personally ordered a review of US assistance to the Palestinians and “as a result of that review, at the direction of the president, we will be redirecting approximately $25 million originally planned for the East Jerusalem Hospital Network… Those funds will go to high-priority projects elsewhere”.

It is noteworthy that this whole change of policy is the works of President Trump who has personally ordered cutting off aid to the residents of East Jerusalem. President Trump is making this anti-Palestinian policy a personal crusade of his at every turn and on every occasion. Trump does not even try to hide his anti-Palestinian sentiment by openly making it one of his major policy goals.

Of course, Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem, especially Al Makassed hospital, will be hit hard and may not be able to continue to offer medical services to the Palestinians, neither in East Jerusalem nor in the West Bank.

One of the most potent ways to drive people out of their cities and country is to deny them health services and this is what President Trump is bent on doing. This is when the Arab world needs to step in and donate sufficient amounts of money to make up for the lost US contributions.

Palestinians living in East Jerusalem must not be left alone to face additional hardships being orchestrated by no other than President Trump. The steadfastness of the Palestinians in East Jerusalem has become a first priority, especially when the US conspiracy against them is widening and the noose around their necks is getting tighter. Short of this emergency assistance, the Palestinians in East Jerusalem may not be able to endure the siege imposed upon them for much longer.

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  1. Yes of course, it is the Muslims who should look after the Muslims (and even after the Christian Palestinians as well, as the ‘Western Christians’ seem to not care for them).

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