IHC takes up plea against inclusion of minority member in EAC today

Islamabad-A single bench of the Islamabad High Court will take up a petition today (Thursday) against the inclusion of Atif Mian in the newly constituted Economic Advisory Council by Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf-led government.

An IHC single bench comprising Justice Aamer Farooq will take up the petition moved by Hafiz Ehtisham Ahmad in person.

The petitioner cited Prime Minister through Principal Secretary, Secretary Finance, Secretary Law, Secretary Interior, Secretary Defense, Chairman National Data and Registration Authority (NADRA) and Dr Arif Mian member EAC as respondents.

Hafiz Ehtisham stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan has constituted an 18-mmebers EAC while Secretary Finance has issued notification dated August 31 in this connection. He added that the PM had also appointed Dr Atif in the EAC as member private sector.

The petitioner continued that Atif is a member of Ahmadi community while he is also allegedly a relative of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani.

He contended that there is no space for EAC in the Constitution of Pakistan and in presence of National Economic Council (NEC), there is no justification for formulation of EAC. He maintained that the establishment of EAC is unconstitutional and illegal while inclusion of Atif Mian in the EAC is also unconstitutional and illegal.

He continued that Ahmadis by concealing their real religious identity are getting higher posts in government and semi-government institutions, bureaucracy, armed forces and judiciary. He said that appointment of Ahmadis against higher posts is threat to the country’s security.

The petitioner added that all from respondent no 1 to 5 knew about the Ahmadis who are working on higher posts but they are avoiding taking action against them.

Therefore, Hafiz Ehtisham prayed to the court to suspend the said notification issued by Secretary Finance. He requested the court that it may also direct chairman NADRA to submit complete details of Atif Mian before it.

The petitioner further prayed to the court to direct respondent No 1 to 5 to submit list of all Ahmadi people deputed on higher posts in government and semi-government institutions, bureaucracy, armed forces and judiciary before it.



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