Swiss migrants have greater faith in state institutions than native born citizens

Figures contradict belief that migrants keep their distance from Switzerland


The view over Lake Geneva and the Jet d'Eau. Courtesy Beau-Rivage
The view over Lake Geneva and the Jet d’Eau. Courtesy Beau-Rivage

A survey of Swiss attitudes to state institutions has found that residents with a migrant background have a significantly higher trust rating than native born citizens.

Ahead of the country’s national day on August 1, Switzerland’s Federal Statistics office released findings of the annual survey of attitudes of the two groups.

Despite the rise of a right-wing anti-migration party, the Swiss People’s Party to become the country’s biggest political force, Swiss from a migrant background were more confident in the political system by a margin of 47 per cent compared to 36 per cent.

The justice system and the courts gains the trust of almost three in five from an immigrant background but just over two in five of the native born Swiss.

The police perform best of all the institutions with over 65 per cent of migrant-origin respondents positive and 62 per cent of the rest backing the forces.

“The figures contradict the widely-believed thesis that many migrants deliberately kept their distance from Switzerland,” said the newspaper Tages Anzeiger. “Those who do not want to integrate do not trust the institutions. Many immigrants came here just because politics, justice and police are not trustworthy in their homeland. In Switzerland, they often have more interaction with the authorities than the ‘original Swiss’. They also have to overcome higher hurdles. All the more gratifying that they nevertheless trust them strongly.”

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