The Danish government has chosen to ban face veils – but I’ll still wear mine

Source: Independent


‘This is happening in a society that advocates for the right to practice one’s religion freely, and to dress as one wishes as a woman’ ( iStock ).  The Muslim Times favors Hijab rather than Burqa or veil.  But ultimately it should be individual’s decision

By Sally Rashid

Today, Denmark’s ban on the public wearing of face veils came into force. Joining the likes of France and Belgium, Denmark’s outlawing of the niqab and similar face veils was introduced through a vote in Danish Parliament in May, under the guise of protecting Danish values. But a law that effectively criminalises me for my clothing choices is not one that I wish to follow. Along with Kvinder I Dialog (Women In Dialogue), a Danish women’s rights platform, and many other women, both muslim and non-muslim, I am protesting the ban by marching across the country in my niqab, because ultimately, it is my choice to do so, no matter what the centre-right government thinks.

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  1. In Switzerland’s Zurich main shopping street we do sometimes see some ladies wearing a burka. They are always tourists from Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. I personally see no reason why we should ‘chase them away’.

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