Israel navy intercepts activists trying to break Gaza blockade

By AFP – Jul 30,2018 – JORDAN TIMES

Activists escort a boat carrying Palestinians injured during confrontations along the Gaza security fence as it tries to break through Israel’s naval blockade from the Gaza City harbour on Sunday (AFP photo)

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM — Israel’s navy on Sunday intercepted a Norwegian-flagged activist boat trying to break its more than decade-long blockade of the Gaza Strip, authorities and activists said.

“The activity ended without exceptional events,” an Israeli occupation authorities statement said. “At this time the ship is being transferred to the port of Ashdod”, along the coast of central Israel.

An activist group affiliated with the boat, Al Awda (the return), said 22 people and a cargo of medical supplies were onboard.

A second boat that is part of the same group, the Swedish-flagged Freedom, is expected to arrive in the same area in the next couple days, according to the Freedom Flotilla Coalition.

Four boats left from Scandinavia in mid-May and stopped in some 28 ports along the way, the coalition said. Two boats remained behind after a recent stop in Palermo.

Shortly before Al Awda, a fishing boat, was intercepted, the coalition released a statement saying the Israeli navy was issuing warnings to it.

“The Israeli navy claims our ship is breaking international law and threatens that they will use ‘any measures necessary’ to stop us,” it said.

“In fact, the only ‘necessary measures’ would be to end the blockade of Gaza and restore freedom of movement for all Palestinians.”

It said afterwards on Twitter that the boat had been “hijacked by Israeli forces”.

Israel claims the blockade is necessary to keep them from obtaining weapons or materials that could be used for military purposes.


2 replies

  1. Yes, I agree: It is ironic how we support equal rights for Palestinians when on the other hand the Government of Israel is treating the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at better than the Government of Palestine does. It is just that ‘equal justice’ is in our blood, even when it is not reciprocated.

  2. Now my question to TMT— because of my comment criticize Ahmadiyya, then you put in awaiting moderstion for checking out— it is good or not for Ahmadiyya. If it is good, you post it, if not, you erase it.

    TMT is a tiny state— but the authority TMT treat minority ( me) as a non Ahmadiyya unfair— right Rafiq?

    TMT of Ahmadiyyah does what Israel does to minority Palestine for the sake of Ahmadiyya.

    Whereas Ahmadiyyah promote justice and eqyality for all.
    Please dont be double standar, Allah knows it.
    Please keep freedom of expression and justice for all
    God bless you Rafiq
    All love ❤️

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