The High Status of Women in Islam

It’s a stereotype too common to mention: Islam oppresses women and the religion is inherently hostile to the desires, needs and concerns of half of the people on this planet. And while many Muslims have pushed back on this idea that women are oppressed in Islam, none have done so as completely as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. In this address to over 1200 young women enrolled in the Waqf-e-Nau scheme, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba, Khalifatul Masih V, Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, has pointed out that Muslim women don’t need to wrangle with men to receive their rights, because those rights have already been given to them by God – and nobody can take them away.
The girls and women are members of the Waqf-e-Nau scheme, which allows parents to pledge their children to the service of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community before they are born. Once the children reach adulthood, they can choose to voluntarily renew their pledge. His Holiness also urged these members to become teachers and doctors. Read the full address below.

His Holiness addresses the audience at the annual Waqfaat-e-Nau convention.
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After reciting Tashhahud, Ta’awwuz and Surah Al-Fatihah, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaba said:

Alhamdulillah, today you are holding your Waqfaat-e-Nau Ijtema. I hope that you will have benefitted from the event. In the UK, there are more than 2500 female members of the Waqf-e-Nau scheme and this represents approximately 44% of the number of Waqf-e-Nau in this country. Hence, the proportion of women and girls is very significant and important to the future of our Jama’at and indeed to the wider world.

In the establishment and development of any nation or community, the women play a fundamental and vital role, as the responsibility for the training of the future generations lies in the hands of mothers. They are the nation builders. Amongst you there are many Waqfaat-e-Nau who are now yourselves mothers, or are at an age where you will soon be married, Insha’Allah. Even the younger ones present will in a few years reach a similar age, Insha’Allah and so they too will one day take up the mantle of training the coming generations. Thus, you must all understand your responsibilities.

Take pride in the fact that your primary duty is to raise the standards of the future generations, by setting the very highest standards for them to learn from and follow. It is your task to guide your children in a way that they understand their faith and come to live their lives according to the true teachings of Islam. This is a great responsibility and challenge for all of you because you are the ones who can facilitate and unlock the doors to a spiritual revolution in society.

Undoubtedly, it is essential for all Ahmadi Muslims to set a pious example for their children, however it is particularly important for you, members of the Waqf-e-Nau scheme or Waqfaat-e-Nau, to set the highest standards, because your parents pledged your lives for the sake of your faith and upon reaching maturity, you have voluntarily renewed that pledge. Therefore, it is essential that you live your lives according to the commands of Allah and follow the teachings of the Holy Prophetsa at all times. Seek to replicate those levels of faith and morals that were displayed by the early Muslim women in the time of the Holy Prophetsa.

We are extremely fortunate because, in this age, Allah the Almighty has blessed us with the advent of the Promised Messiahas, who has enlightened us about the true teachings of Islam. Throughout his life, the Promised Messiahas shined an incandescent light upon our faith, illuminating the path towards Allah the Almighty. Hence, it should not be that whilst growing up in the Western world, you start to adopt those habits or beliefs that are contrary to the teachings of Islam.

Lajna Imaillah UK

By all means, adopt those things that are good in society, but never forget that our true guiding light is, and always will be, the Holy Qur’an and that our true role model is the  Holy Prophet of Islamsa. Rather than following the superficial glamour of the world, or being influenced by modern trends that come and go, we must follow and heed the everlasting and timeless teachings of the Holy Qur’an. In today’s world, much is said and spoken about women’s rights, by those people and nations that are said to be extremely modern and developed. Yet, what they neglect to mention is that, until just a few decades ago, they failed to provide women with any rights whatsoever. When the men of these nations finally chose to grant some rights to women, it was done more to show that they were in favour of equality, whereas the truth was that their slogans in favour of women were often hollow and insincere.

Any rights granted to women in recent times have been the result of necessity, rather than any deep desire for progress and also as a means for the men to fulfil their own selfish desires. This is something that history has proven time and again. Furthermore, it is only in recent times that non-Muslim women have realised that they too had rights. Due to the fact that they were previously deprived and their religions had not protected them, such women have campaigned for those things that are considered rights in the eyes of the world. Yet, from the very outset, Islam established the rights of women based upon their role in society and keeping their best interests at heart. Certainly, the rights afforded by Islam are based on wisdom and human nature.

Once, Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra [Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community  from 1914-1965], whilst addressing Ahmadi women, mentioned that worldly women, or those from other religions, often raised slogans calling for equality and this had led to some Muslim women’s groups to voice similar demands. Speaking of those Muslim groups, Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra narrated a story in which a jackal was seen running away at great speed. Upon this, someone asked him why he was running and the jackal replied that the king had ordered for all camels to be rounded up and seized. The person asked the jackal why he was running away, when the instruction of the king was for camels. In reply, the jackal said that perhaps the king will also say that jackals should be seized and so that is why I am running away.

Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra said that the Muslim groups were like that jackal whereby they were needlessly being led down the wrong path by women’s activists, or Christian or Hindu groups, seeking rights. When Allah the Almighty had already granted true equality to Muslim women, why should you follow those who have not been given rights in their religion? So instead of following them, you should see your own religious book which has given you rights.

Further, another characteristic of this era, is that women have sought their rights from men and, as a result, some men have also formed groups in order to promote the rights of women. However, Ahmadi women should ask themselves that, who are men to bestow rights upon them when their Creator, Allah the Almighty, has Himself bestowed upon them all that they need and desire? They should understand that Allah has granted them true equality based on logic and wisdom. Indeed, the way in which women have been described in the Holy Qur’an, and the way in which it is has established their rights, is completely unique and not found in any other religious scripture.

Indeed, if we look at other religions, some have claimed that women do not even have a soul, whilst others have taught that women are born sinners or that women are the root of evil. Many other derogatory and entirely unjust claims about women have been made by other religions during the course of time, yet Islamic teachings are completely different and are crystal clear that women are not inferior to men in any way whatsoever. Thus, where the Holy Qur’an mentions ‘believing men,’ it also mentions ‘believing women.’ This is true equality.

If we look at Islamic history, we need only to look at the example of Hazrat Ayeshara [wife of the Holy Prophetsa] who attained a great status and who till this day continues to be an example, not only for Muslim women, but also for Muslim men. Where we hold her in high esteem because she was the wife of the Holy Prophetsa, we also respect and honour her for her own personal qualities, nobility and achievements and she will always remain a role model for Muslims. When we compare and contrast the status bestowed upon women in Islam compared to other religions, it is like night and day.

For example, according to the Bible, on one occasion Maryra, mother of Jesusas, came to meet her son, but Jesusas did not receive her or even acknowledge her presence and simply asked, “Who is my mother?”1 If a person’s mother is not even granted basic rights, then what rights can a wife expect or indeed any other woman?

Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmadra (also known as Hazrat Musleh-e-Maud), the second successor of the Promised Messiahas, and Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community from 1914-1965, pointed out that Muslim women have already been given their rights by God, and so they do not need to plead with men for them.
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As I said before, certain other religious teachings have even claimed that women do not possess a soul and so their status is completely demeaned and devalued. Yet, on the other hand, Islam has said that paradise lies under the feet of one’s mother. In light of this, if Muslim women join the choruses of worldly women, seeking to ascertain freedoms and rights, it is futile and needless, because Allah the Almighty has already bestowed true freedom upon Muslim women and made women’s rights an inherent part of Islam that no one has the right to infringe upon.

There are many examples of the equal rights given to women by Islam. For example, it is incumbent on a husband to give a fair dowry to his wife at the time of nikah [Islamic wedding ceremony]. Sadly, some men do not pay the dowry, but that is due to their negligence and error and is against Islam’s teachings. Where the Jama’at is informed of such cases, it seeks to enforce the husband to pay the dowry, because it is the Islamic right of the woman to receive it. Similarly, when it comes to marriage, it is essential that the bride consents freely and happily, without any form of coercion or pressure. Forced marriage is completely wrong and a grave violation of Islamic teaching.

Further, where it is only in the recent past that non-Muslim women have been granted the right to inherit, Islam granted women the right to inheritance more than 1400 years ago. Moreover, at a time when girls were generally deprived of education, Islam championed their right to learning and categorically stated that every girl should be provided education and the means to better herself.

Islam has even guided us on the smallest matters and turned our attention towards true equality in all matters. For example, Islam teaches that if a mother is breastfeeding her child, it is for both her and her husband to decide together when is the right time to transition away from breastfeeding. No other religion has guided its followers and enlightened them in the way that Islam has.

Also, if a woman herself chooses to waive some of her rights, it should not be misinterpreted to suggest that Islam has somehow not given women their due rights. There are certain narrations where Muslim women, perhaps for cultural or traditional reasons, chose to waive their rights, but that was their personal choice and not due to any religious reason. Anyway, no one who looks at Islam’s teachings in a fair and impartial way can deny the fact that Islam has enshrined women’s rights and has granted them freedom and equality.

Muslim women have had the right to inherit property for over 1400 years, while their sisters in other religions have only recently been granted this right.
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Muslim women have no need to campaign or advocate for their rights; rather all they need is to understand their faith so that they fully comprehend the rights that Islam has granted them. Only then will they be in a position to utilise those rights for their benefit and progress. Allah the Almighty has Himself established the rights of women and so it is essential that you read the Holy Qur’an and its commentaries and you study the Hadith and the books of the Promised Messiahas. By doing so, you will gain knowledge of your faith and it will remove any lingering traces of an inferiority complex, or a belief that Muslim women have been deprived in any way.

On the contrary, if you know your faith, you will soon realise that Muslim women are the most fortunate people, because their rights and their status have been established and eternally protected by Allah the Almighty and His noble Prophetsa. It is not just enough to understand your rights, but at this time, in this era, it is up to Ahmadi Muslims to educate and inform other people and other communities about what Islam has given them. You should let the world know that you do not aspire to follow the ways of today’s so-called developed and progressive people and nor do you have any need to demand your rights. You are already the recipients of all that you need and desire. Rather than following the world, you, as members of Waqf-e-Nau, are the people who have voluntarily presented yourselves for a lifetime of service to your faith so that you can guide the world.

Recent scandals in the American film industry have exposed the treatment of women in the workplace and sparked a global discussion on the harassment of women and also highlighted the dangers of free mixing between men and women.
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It is incumbent upon you to manifest and proclaim the beautiful teachings of Islam at every opportunity. Even if you are not officially working full-time for the Jama’at, as Waqf-e-Nau, you should present yourselves for service to Lajna Ima’illah [women’s auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community], whilst in your personal lives, you must always illustrate the magnificent teachings of Islam. It is your mission to help and guide not only your own children, but also other Ahmadi girls and women and indeed those people who are not members of our Jama’at. For example, sometimes Ahmadi girls feel a degree of complex or even embarrassment regarding the hijab and Islam’s teachings regarding modest dress. They feel that it is difficult to adopt this religious teaching whilst living in the Western world in this modern era. In this regard, you must set a personal example. It is imperative that members of the Waqfaat-e-Nau scheme always keep their clothing modest and decent and set an example for other Ahmadi women and girls to follow. Once an Ahmadi girl reaches an age of maturity she should cover her head with a scarf and wear loose clothing so that her body is not on display for all to see.

As I said at the beginning, there are more than 2500 members of the Waqfaat-e-Nau scheme in the United Kingdom and, at least I hope half of them, have reached an age of maturity or even more and so they should observe hijab. If you set a positive example in this regard you can, and will, be role models for other Ahmadis and the rest of the world will come to recognise you for your decency and modesty. You will set an example of righteousness and morality that will inspire others and will prove that you are people who choose to follow your faith and that you are the standard bearers for Islam and for women’s rights in this era. You will be the ones who lead others towards genuine progress and development, rather than simply following the crowd towards meaningless material pursuits.

Another issue debated and often condemned in Western society, is the fact that men and women are kept at a certain distance in Islam. For example, a lot is made of the fact that Muslim men and women choose not to shake hands with people of the opposite sex, or prefer to sit and worship separately. Yet, as time goes by, even those who criticise such beliefs are coming to realise the wisdom that underpins our values. For example, I mentioned once before that a prominent lady in Sweden has proposed ‘women-only’ concerts, whilst at the recent New Year’s celebrations in Berlin, a segregated area only for women was erected and was actually called a ‘safe-zone’ by the German authorities. Both in Sweden and in Berlin, they had to take this action due to the indecent way in which men had sexually abused and harassed women in previous years.

Furthermore, in recent months, there has been a huge scandal in the American film industry, after it emerged that male film producers, or other men in similar positions, had abused their power and had attacked and harassed women for many years with impunity. This scandal further escalated after it emerged that sexual abuse and inappropriate behaviour had occurred in many other sectors of society. The question is, why were women abused across the world? The answer, whether they like it or not, is the free-mixing that took place which meant that the women were unable to safeguard themselves.

Furthermore, these incidents have also shown that whilst many men have spoken out in favour of freedom of women, often their true motivation was to fulfil their own selfish and immoral desires. They sought opportunities to take advantage of women and to mentally or physically abuse them, and in some cases, it escalated to what can only be termed as torture. In light of all this, and the fact that there are great efforts being made to undermine and defame Islam, it is the duty and responsibility of all Ahmadi women to explain to the people of the world the beauty of Islam’s teachings.

Certainly, members of Waqfaat-e-Nau scheme should be spearheading this effort, and so without any fear or complex, you should openly proclaim the fact that you take pride in your modest dress, in your hijab and in keeping a distance from men. You should openly declare that these are the essential safeguards that Allah the Almighty has chosen in order to protect women, and so rather than being a restriction, hijab is actually a supreme right and protection afforded to Muslim women.

Remember, the Promised Messiahas once said that those who object to Islam’s teachings of purdah should first reform the nature of men, because regrettably, many men are unable to control themselves and pursue opportunities to abuse women and to usurp their rights. The Promised Messiahas compared such men to a hungry dog, who would immediately pounce when some bread was placed before him.

As I have said, as Waqfaat-e-Nau, it is your mission to not only personally reflect Islam’s teachings, but to spread them far and wide. Whilst Ahmadi girls are unable to study in Jamia Ahmadiyya [seminary for training missionaries of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community], it is imperative that you all have a deep understanding of your religion. Thus, as I said earlier, you will need to read the Holy Qur’an, the Hadith and the books of the Promised Messiahas, as they will provide you with the knowledge of your faith. The more you increase your knowledge, both individually and as a collective body, the quicker you will be able to bring mankind back towards its Creator and you will be able to play your role in saving this world from the destruction it is charging towards, due to the ever-increasing immodesty and immorality prevailing in society.

Lajna Imaillah UK

Finally, before concluding, I also wish to mention that in the Jama’at, there is also a great demand for doctors and teachers and so as many Ahmadi girls as possible who are part of the Waqf-e-Nau scheme, should also try to fill this need by training in these fields.

At the end, I hope and pray that you all reflect upon what I have said, and seek to attain the highest standards in your religious training and education and that you are never prone to any form of inferiority complex. I pray that you are the shining stars who leave a spiritual trail behind for others to follow and learn from.

May Allah the Almighty bless all your good efforts, and enable you all to fulfil the true spirit of that pledge that you have made, to serve your faith throughout your lives. Now join me in silent prayer.’



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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    Quote— . It is imperative that members of the Waqfaat-e-Nau scheme always keep their clothing modest and decent and set an example for other Ahmadi women and girls to follow. Once an Ahmadi girl reaches an age of maturity she should cover her head with a scarf and wear loose clothing so that her body is not on display for all to see.==

    it is very clear that Ahmadiyya’s teaching from their Imam promote women to cover the whole body except face, palms and feed.

    Therefore Ahmadiyyah teaching is still implement old interpretation of Islam like Islamic countries: Saudi, Iran and others.
    Ahmadiyyah still reject to modrenize the Islamic teaching. Whereas we Muslim live in our time. Modren time. It is unfortunate advice from Ahmadiyya Imam.

    Conversely Ismaili sect of Islam through its Imam Aga Khan IV, Maulana Hazhar Imam has been modrenizing The old Islamic teaching and follow the offspring of Prophet Muhammad pbuh Khalifah Ali— instead of following Prophet Muhammad’s companions.

    What were changes? For example:
    1. Women do not need to cover her whole body, wear modesty like others.
    2. Muslim do not need to pray to Allah many times, pray 3 times a day, it is enough
    3. The old style punishment have to replaced.
    4. Many more— Google ! Ismaili website

    However, I respect Ahmadiyyah Interpretation of Islam and other sects od Muslim. Only Allah know who is the right and wrong. Leave it to Allah.

    May Allah guide Muslim around the world to the right path, Ameen.

    All love ❤️

    • Wow Somi, you think praying 3 times is enough? And how did you come up with that number? And what is so wrong with modest clothing? I would like my daughter to be dressed modestly so no pedophile or indecent person is having second thoughts about my child. I don’t want her exposed in anyway. Have not heard about enough priests molesting children, over 3000 priests in just 2 years. That’s too much. I don’t know how you can just talk about having your child stripped in front of people because that is a parent’s worst nightmare. Modest clothing is the best no matter which religion you may be. I agree with ever word of the Khalifa.

  2. Ruffat— I respect your though of Islam. But here the place to discusse, and share with different interpretation of Islam.

    Quote: Wow Somi, you think praying 3 times is enough? And how did you come up with that number?==

    My answer:

    The Qur’ān only mentions three specific prayer times:

    And establish prayer at the two ends of the day and at the
    approach of the night. Indeed, good deeds do away with misdeeds. That is a reminder for those who remember. (11:114)
    The five prayer times are not explicitly mentioned in the Holy Qur’ān and are derived via interpretation.
    The prayer-form that most Muslims use today – called Namaz or Salah – was not taught by the Prophet Muhammad himself; it was actually derived and interpreted by the Sunni jurists during the first 200 years after the Prophet and validated by the Sunni legal tool of ijma or “consensus of the scholars.”Whatever prayer-form the Prophet Muhammad actually taught and used is not known today and scholars can only find a few minute details about it from the Qur’an. For example, historians know that the Prophet’s prayer-form included recitation of some Qur’an verses and it included
    bowing and prostrating. The Qur’an also states that the Pagan Arabs before Prophet Muhammad already prayed in the same way as Prophet Muhammad’s community, except that the Prophet did some of the same actions in a different order – this is reported in the earliest Tafsir of Muqatil b. Sulayman on Qur’an 96:19 which talks about how the Pagans used to perform sujud, qiyam and ruku’ in a different sequence from the Prophet Muhammad. All of this is based on historical analysis using the Quran as a historical document.
    The procedures of what is today called Namaz or Salah as practiced by most Sunni Muslims are the result of the Sunni Jurists and Ulama interpreting the Qur’an and Sunni Hadith corpus. Even then, a large number of Muslims such as certain Sufi groups in South Asia, the esoteric Shia groups like the Ahl-i Haqq and Alawis and Alevis in the Middle East, and
    other Muslim groups do not practice the Namaz as the mandatory prayer-form. The Ismaili Muslims follow a living Imam in direct lineal descent from Prophet Muhammad and Imam ‘Ali b. Abi Talib because the Ismaili Imam is the rightful bearer of the authority of Prophet Muhammad, so it matters little how the rest of the Muslim Ummah prays; nor does it matter precisely how the Prophet Muhammad and his Community prayed. The Ismaili Imam prescribes and authorizes the best and most correct method of prayer in every time-period of history.
    This model of continuous Divine Guidance reinterpreted in every time is the same model of Divine Guidance used by Prophet Muhammad when he recited the Qur’an to the Community and gave guidance. The Prophetic-Qur’anic Guidance model is a model of CONTINUOUS, PROGRESSIVE, and RESPONSIVE guidance – that means, whatever the situation of the early Community, both the Qur’anic guidance recited by the Prophet and the Prophet’s own guidance on all matters including ritual practices would CHANGE and UPDATE and EVOLVE as new situations arose and circumstances changed – and this is an undeniable historical fact proven from the Qur’an itself:
    Allah will not Change the Condition if You do not Change it
    by Yourself. Q.13;11.

    The number of prayers changed for 2 times in Makkah to 3 times in Madinah;
    The rules on drinking alcohol changed at least 3-4 times;
    The guidance for warfare changed several times as the circumstances changed;
    The practices of fasting – how to fast and when to fast – changed at least 2-3 times.
    The Quran and Prophet were changing and updating the
    Divine Guidance to the Community in an ongoing manner as times and circumstances changed – and all this happened only over 23 years. The Prophet Muhammad KNEW that Divine Guidance would have to continue after his death – that is why he said that the Kitab of God (meaning Divine Guidance) and his Ahl al-Bayt would never separate from one another and told the Community to follow Imam Ali as the Mawla (Master) because the Imams continue giving Divine Guidance to the Community that is also CONTINUOUS, PROGRESSIVE, and RESPONSIVE. The Qur’an even says that the Imams in the periods before Prophet Muhammad had the Divine authority to establish the form of prayer for the Believers:
    And We made them Imams guiding by Our command. And We inspired to them the doing of good deeds, to establish the prayer, and giving of zakah; and they were worshipers of Us – Qur’an 21:73.
    “By the institution of the Ulu’l-Amr – who can be interpreted as Imam and Caliph – and by placing obedience to the ulu’l-Amr immediately after that to God and Prophet, he ensured that the Faith would ever remain living, extending, developing with science, knowledge, art, and industry… If, rightly, the Muslims have kept till now to the forms of prayer and fasting at the time of the Prophet, it should not be forgotten that it is not the forms of prayer and fasting that have been commanded, but the facts, and we are entitled to adjust the forms to the facts of life as circumstances changed. It is the same Prophet who advises his followers ever to remain Ibnu’l-Waqt (i.e. children of the time and period in which they were on earth), and it must be the natural ambition of every Muslim to practice and represent his Faith according to the standard of the Waqt or space-time.”
    – Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III,
    (Foreword to Muhammad: A Mercy To all the Nations by Al-Hajji Qassim Jairazbhoy, Read Here)
    Today Mawlana Hazar Imam had made the prayer-form of Dua and not Namaz/Salah to be the obligatory prayer-form for Ismaili Muslims, because this is the Divine Guidance that has been ordained for the Believers in the present day and age.

    It is true that in the past, the Ismailis or some Ismailis prayed the Namaz as the main prayer but in the era of Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah, all of this was changed and the Jamats of Syria, Iran, and Central Asia all were commanded to recite the Ismaili Du’a as the mandatory prayer-form three times per day.

    Hopefully Ruffat change her mind.
    All love ❤️
    A wise man always learn a new interpretstion but a foolish hate to reform his old tradition.

    • Why should Riffat ‘change her mind’ ? You explained to us what the different people did over time. We of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at follow the guidance of the founder of our Jama’at and the living Khalifas. We do not see any need to ‘change our mind’. Yes, ‘there is no compulsion in religion’, everyone can do what he finds is right.

      • Dear Rafiq—- I believe that Riffat and Rafiq obey Allah’s commendment Right?

        Allah’s commendment as follow:

        And establish prayer at the two ends of the day and at the approach of the night. Indeed, good deeds do away with misdeeds. That is a reminder for those who remember. (11:114).

        Do not you follow this verse of Allah.

        All love ❤️

    • Somi, your information is flawed and you have contradicted yourself numerous times in your own explanation, to say the least you have not done your research properly. Please find a trustworthy historian so you know that it was actually the Holy Prophet saw who use to lead the five prayers in the day of the Muslim at that time there were no sects of Muslims. And I honestly do not believe your stories since your facts come from news and not actual research. The religion of Islam came from God and God makes Khalifa, so I will follow my Khalifa. You can follow the new network who show what they like so they can make money.

  3. Rafiq— it seems to me that you cannot make a good friend with some one has different belief like me.
    Whereas ahmadiyyah teach Muslim : love for all and hatred for none; haw beatiful this symbol of Ahmadiyya is… please Rafiq follow that beautiful symbol of Ahmadiyya. Yes it is hard to follow it, but it makes different to those who do not believe in God.

    Please dont censor my comment, be just and fair to all.

    All love ❤️

  4. Dear Rafiq—-what about voluntary prayers? According to you it is prohibited?—-

    It is not according to my opinion but according Allah and Prophet is written in Al Quran— Imam / clerics never tell to us or to hus followers in Mosque:

    Allah forhibit Prophet Muhammad to creat or to add a new law, the duty of prophet is to convey His law only.

    Had he (the prophet) forged some statements in Our name, (44) We would have certainly seized him by the right hand, (45) And then severed his life-artery, (46) And none of you could have saved him from it. 5 (47)

    Prophet Muhammad (saw) is forbidden to create or add to Islamic laws regarding shalat.

    That us my argument Rafiq. Do you believe this verse?
    Hopefully Rafiq can follow this order from Allah.

    All love ❤️

    • totally wrong my dear. you misunderstand. voluntary prayers are encouraged, even ‘during the longer part of the night’ and remembrance of Allah day and night. But Somi likes to argue and argue and argue …

      • Yes Rafiq. I agree with you that Allah command us all to remember Him day and night, but not perform shalat as usual form. That is different. Rafiq

        I used to shalat 5 times and plus voluntary prayer , but after I knew Ismaili Muslim pray 3 times a day few month ago and look at Al quran— yes Allah command Muslim pray 3 times. Since than I pray 3 times now, I feel happy I found the truth.

        So I believe and trust on decendant Prophet Muhammad ( Khalifah Ali ) than Companions of Prophet.

        I hope my choice is the right one.
        Please concider it Rafiq.

        All love ❤️

      • There is no compulsion in religion. You may do what you like to do. As I mentioned before, while I do appreciate the Aga Khan’s efforts in his humanitarian efforts in the spiritual interpretation of Islam I think the Ahmadiyya Jama’at is on the right track.

  5. Rafiq— If Allah say in Al Quran that Allah command Muslim to pray only 3 times a day—

    And establish prayer at the two ends of the day and at the
    approach of the night. Indeed, good deeds do away with misdeeds. That is a reminder for those who remember. (11:114)

    Why does Ahmadiyya Khalifah pray 5 times. What is the reason — can you tell us? Did Allah say in Al Quran that Muslim have to pray 5 times a day?

    I want to learn also from Ahmadiyya.

    All love ❤️

  6. Rafiq—/ yes I read your link— but Ahmadiyyah has bern following as below:

    The five prayer times are not explicitly mentioned in the Holy Qur’ān and are derived via interpretation.

    The prayer-form that most Muslims use today – called Namaz or Salah – was not taught by the Prophet Muhammad himself; it was actually derived and interpreted by the Sunni jurists during the first 200 years after the Prophet and validated by the Sunni legal tool of ijma or “consensus of the scholars.

    ”Whatever prayer-form the Prophet Muhammad actually taught and used is not known today and scholars can only find a few minute details about it from the Qur’an.

    For example, historians know that the Prophet’s prayer-form included recitation of some Qur’an verses and it included bowing and prostrating. The Qur’an also states that the Pagan Arabs before Prophet Muhammad already prayed in the same way as Prophet Muhammad’s community, except that the Prophet did some of the same actions in a different order – this is reported in the earliest Tafsir of Muqatil b.

    Sulayman on Qur’an 96:19 which talks about how the Pagans used to perform sujud, qiyam and ruku’ in a different sequence from the Prophet Muhammad. All of this is based on historical analysis using the Quran as a historical document.

    Most Muslim follow how Pegan Jahilliyah performed Prayer. That is not right Rafiq!

    All love ❤️

      • Rafiq —-I read your link about Authentic hadith as below:

        “”“There are many isnad (independent testimonies) for the tradition dealing with the division of the community. A number of following companions have handed it down as coming from the Prophet (peace be upon him): Anas ibn-Malik, Abu-Hurairah, Abu-l-Darda, Jabir, Abu-Sa’id al-Khidri, Ubai ibn-Ka’b, Abd-Allah ibn-Amr ibn-al-‘As, abu-Imamah, Wathilah ibn-al-Aska’ and others. It is also handed down that the pious Caliphs mentioned that the community would be divided after them, that one sect only would save itself, and the rest of them would be given to error in this world, and to destruction in the next.”””

        This Hadith is not came from the mouth of Prophet. Why?
        Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) could not predict what will be happened tomorrow. He was not God, only God knows what will happen tomorrow.

        Yes, every sect of Islam has the right to claim itself a true Islam—- that is OK—

        I can feel what you feel when others reject our belief or thought ect. The religious establishment always REJECT a new one, reject a reformer—- like you censor my comment, you erase my comment ect. in your blog TMT

        Rafiq— do not feel bad if you hear the extremist ban or persecute Ahmadiyyah— The Holy Son of Maria say in Bible: I come to you not creating peace but create division among your community and family. I came from God to tell you the truth.
        Some one rejected it and others accepeted— Jesus say; love and pray to those who rejec the truth— do not hate them, love them.

        It means a reformer create problem in community. Do you agree with me? So be patient and put trust on Allah alone. Do not give up. A life is a struggle for God sake! Let Allah judge us all in His Day-Judgment.

        Please now di bot erase and do not censor my comment. OK. Rafiq. Allah bless you

        All love ❤️

    Maulana Hazhar, Aga Khan IV Imam said;
    Pluralism is a Blessing of Allah to unite people with different back ground and faith.
    Dubai accepted Ismaili Center in Middle East— Woow
    May Allah guide the extremist Clerics with pluralism.( Q.49:13)

    All love ❤️

  8. Rafiq—I know that Ahmadiyyah has been promoting pluralism and justice for all. That is why I love Ahmadiyya and I love to discuss and share about Islam here.

    Yes we have a lot in common of Islam, but there is still have dufferencess among us. That is OK Rafiq— do not be afraid of different interpretation of Islam.

    Please do not censor my comment Rafiq. It will be fine.
    All love ❤️

  9. Salaam alaykum. Islam gave women their rights in a time where they had no rights. Islam regards women in a high status whereas the West makes women feel like their only worth is in their body and looks. It is why there are many Western women starving themselves and spending fortunes on cosmetic surgeries in order to try to fit into some preconceived notion of how a woman should look.

  10. we have reviewed a book called Al Muhaddithat which can be read here

    This book is another great book which shows how Women can be scholars and how they enjoyyed high public standing and authority in the former years of Islam.

  11. Your statements about highly viewed women in the Islam culture is an absurd, massive LIE.
    Not much of a surprise because – as we are aware – Islam allows Muslims to LIE for the pragmatic reason to deceive non-Muslims in order that would convert to this abhorrent pseudo-religion.

    All over the West we can see it with our own eyes how Muslims ( so called migrants, in fact invaders, settlers, pioneers of a world-wide conquest for Islam) treat women – with extreme cruelty, oppression and contempt. As if Muslim “men” are not even humans, but some sort of creatures Satan would have in mind in case of thinking of creating a living being.

    The same applies to the way Muslims treat animals, see Halal slaughter. Such merciless savage brutal horrific idea can only come from a mentally ill psycho. To believe in a credo written in the Islamic unholy texts indicates that as long anyone who confesses this satanic “religion” testify to be a barbaric monster, a psychopath that needs to be locked up in a mental hospital. Bottom line, none of these psychos should be allowed to anywhere near the democratic West where our values are humanity, mercy and equality. It took us centuries to build democratic legal systems and such systems were to trust people, to educate them for peace and tolerance, then you Muslims are moving your entire population to the non-Islamic West, you want to destroy our values, you made an alliance with the liberal manipulators who are there to destroy our Christian culture, so that you can rush in with your Islamic dictatorial solution. You manipulators, you hate-filled treacherous snakes, abused our naivety, our trust and hospitality, and have turned our mentality of love, peace and tolerance against us. All of you should move out of the West into an Islamic country and leave us alone.

    One thing is for sure – we will NEVER convert to Islam and give away for free our cherished continents to you. We will never forget what you have done to our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East, never forget that all over the West you are raping and killing our children and women on a mass-scale, and we shall NEVER submit to Islam. And we shall never forget that you all are worshippers of Satan, and your words are all lies, as it is due for those who come from the darkness.

    • Have you met any Muslim ladies? Have you travelled in Muslim countries? – I give you two examples: I have lived and worked in the following predominantly Muslim countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq among others. One thing I noticed was that all the houses / flats that I rented were owned by the WIVES, not the husband. Is it the same in Europe and USA? Not according to my experience. Anyway, would be nice if you would study Islam as presented to you by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in more details with an open heart. (although it does not look like you have an open heart). see

      • “Have I met Muslim women?”

        Yes, I have met several of them, all of them look like hell, terror, subjugation and humiliation in their eyes combined with a sense of “victory” towards the inferior kafirs who welcomed them and feed them.

        Muslim men are the pathological narcissists and women are their pathological enablers. The Muslim mindset is unable to grasp the concept of equality, real divinity, real love and real humanism. Apparently it is in the 1400 years evolution of a genetic code that Muslims are able to think in terms of only oppressors and oppressed, and find such state of affairs peaceful and empowering.
        For this sort of attitude the psychology profession has a term for it: Narcissistic Personality Disorder. To be unable to tolerate other religions, other cultures, to allow and practise paedophilia, to allow the worst crimes against non-Muslims – as it is stated in the Islamic scriptures, then to deny the whole of it conveniently? This is evil, to the narrowest sense of the word.

        Do you really hope that the one and only true God, who manifested Himself via 3 ways (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) yeah imagine, God is capable of going beyond yet stay within the human dimension) will spare you Muslim invaders/liars on the last day? Are you hoping because Christ revealed Himself as as merciful? I have news for you Muslims, Christ promised Hell for the evil-doers, liars, murderers, ie all of you face Hell. Chest promised forgiveness only for those who are making mistakes, to the “sinners” whom you evil barbaric monsters torture and kill. Be very afraid, Muslims, since it is Hell awaiting you, just like your very own “prophet” if he existed at all. And be very afraid because we are aware of both the Islamic history and the present.

        Bill Warner, PhD: Why We Are Afraid: 1400 Years of Fear

        The REAL motive for Islamic migration to the West – Robert Spencer

        Go ahead and take your millions of Muslim invaders from the West back to your Islamic countries if you want to avoid the wrath of Christ, in addition to the wrath of Western masses whom you so shamelessly deceived and invaded.

      • wow. Dr. Bill Warner the founder of ‘fake news’? Let him go on fearing. Others can look at the facts.

        Please visit and you will find the peaceful nature of Islam. Google YouTube ‘Mirza Masroor Ahmad’ and ‘peace symposium’.

        (but I do not have much hope for you. Your heart seems closed. – but then there are several ex-right wing politicians in Europe, who were initially against Muslims, then they had the great idea to go into a Mosque to see ‘what they are really like’ – and then converted to Islam !)

      • What about Walid Shoebat? He is a former Muslim born within a family of Muslims. Born in the MiddleEast, your own people. Former PLO and MB member. HE tells us Islam is all lies. Watch him.

      • Qur’an is the word of Allah. Hadith are collected sayings of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). Consequently there could be errors in Hadith, but not in the Qur’an.

      • In the Hadith 33:21 said by Mohamed that there is no deed greater than jihad. I know that muslims will say that jihad can be anything but in the Quran I believe 9:11 states that those who kill and are killed for Allah will be guaranteed everlasting life and the ability to intercede for 70 relatives.
        Also where it states that the end will come when your people have the skulls of Jews. Or that the rocks will cry out and say there is a Jew behind it for you to kill.
        This does not sound peaceful to me. The very name Islam meaning “submit” is not peaceful. I mean no disrespect to you. I don’t believe that a “religion” that forces people to submit to their beliefs or kills them is peaceful. Do you? The Bible is peaceful. Yet you all hate christians. Dont you find it odd that you HATE so many? How then can you say Islam is the religion of peace? Just wondering.

      • Something that came to my mind I believe by God is that we know that the Quran did not come into being until the 600’s we can know this because the King of Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar repented to God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob after 7 years in the wilderness. So do you find it strange that this new religion which is the antithesis of God? God being loving and merciful and not wanting that any should perish? I pray that no one on earth would be subjected to the awful judgement that Ezekiel or Daniel speak of. Again, I mean you no disrespect I do pray that everyone on the planet would go to be with their Maker, God on judgement day.

    • what ‘we have done to Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East’? Well, a thought to ponder: After centuries of Muslim rule in Egypt there are still many Christians there. After one hundred years of Christian rule in Spain no Jew or Muslim survived. Just a thought …

      • All over the West we can see it with our own eyes how Muslims ( so called migrants, in fact invaders, settlers, pioneers of a world-wide conquest for Islam) treat women – with extreme cruelty, oppression and contempt. As if Muslim “men” are not even humans, but some sort of creatures Satan would have in mind in case of thinking of creating a living being.

        The same applies to the way Muslims treat animals, see Halal slaughter. Such merciless savage brutal horrific idea can only come from a mentally ill psycho. ===

        Rafiq— let us discusse on the future of Islam— do not need to discusse on the past—

        Rafiq— we have to admit that what this gentleman said above.

        We can see how KSA and Iran treat women badly. And how Muslim slaughter animal in primitive way in public place—in Pakistan, Iran, Bangladedh, Indonesia etc

        Yes. We need to teform all ancient Islamic laws to modren interpretation do we show a beautiful religion.

        Ismaili Islam Aga Khan has been already reformed the ancient Islamic teaching. Google Ismaili.!

        May God guide all Islamic clerics to reform Islamic teaching. Amen

        All love. ❤️

      • Even in Saudi Arabia many ladies are happy and doing well. We only hear about those who complain (ok, in many cases rightly so). There are many female Saudi students also abroad. What I mean to say: let us hear from the ladies, no need for you and me to discuss.

        Slaughtering animals? Do you think only Muslim slaughtering houses look cruel? look at how animals are treated in the animal factories all over the world, including ‘modern Europe’. OK, become vegetarian if you like.

      • Egypt has not been Muslim for centuries it has was pagan before converting to Christian.There has been much persecution to Christians. Their new Islamic constitution only came to being in 2014 after infiltration.
        You say no one survived Spain after Christian rule? That’s not true. The Expulsion of the Moors was a very long process where Spain allowed the Moors to stay and even had 67 Treaty Articles in their favor. They were allowed to live exactly the way they had prior exactly, keep everything they owned and worship the way they had in their churches. It was the moors that continued to fight with uprisings to regain control, Spain even gave them a 45 year time period to “adapt” because they realized it was difficult (Not like dhimmi) They were exceptionally good to the Moors But the Moor population kept going behind their backs ,planning uprisings, lying,, and being rebellious finally Spain expelled them. They didn’t kill them.

        Something very important to remember, the Protestant Reformation was just around the corner Catholics, would begin to persecute Christians. Christians have stood alone and been persecuted like the Jews since the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However Christian persecution is for the sole reason of following Christ’s teachings.

    • Women are not allowed to: get a fair trial in court, open a bank account, have custody of her children, travel, seek important medical treatment, dress how they want, marry who they want. That basically covers everything. Satan hates women. Read Genesis.

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