Jordan: Support for refugee response plan stands at disappointing 7% this year

Donors urged to honour pledges made in London, Brussels conferences

By Mohammad Ghazal – Jul 12,2018 – JORDAN TIMES

Syrian refugees are seen at Zaatari refugee camp in the northeast of Amman in this recent photo (Photo by Amjad Ghsoun)

AMMAN — Jordan on Wednesday urged an increase in aid by the international community as funding for the 2018 Jordan Response Plan, aimed at helping the Kingdom overcome challenges ensuing from the Syrian crisis, has only reached around 7 per cent of the required amount so far this year.

Funding requirements for the 2018 plan stand at $2.517 billion, but total funding reached only $183 million or 7.2 per cent of the total amount required by July, according to figures released by the Jordan Response Platform for the Syria Crisis (JRP).

JRP funding in 2017 stood at 65 per cent of the 2017 JRP requirements. Up until July, the funding for the JRP in 2018 is only 7 per cent of the requirements. 

Therefore, we urge the international community to continue their support for Jordan,”  Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mary Kawar told The Jordan Times on Wednesday. 

We encourage them to translate the pledges made during Brussels I and II donor conferences into tangible commitments, the minister added. 

She said Jordan’s external environment remains challenging, a situation that continues to put pressure on the country’s resilience, security and stability. 

“For 8 years now, we have been hosting refugees and providing them with the necessary services and economic opportunities in spite of tremendous economic, military, security and humanitarian burdens. While we remain committed to upholding international human rights principles in hosting refugees, we are equally committed to placing the economy back on track, ensuring good public services and improved standards of living for Jordanians, Kawar said. 

The minister said refugees’ needs have vastly outpaced the support provided and an increase in the level of funding is required if Jordan is to continue protecting refugees. 

Of the total funds for the plan from the beginning of this year until July, $126 million was allocated for supporting refugees and $55.9 was earmarked as resilience support, while nothing was received in budget support, according to the Jordan Response Plan website. 

A total of $15 million was dedicated for local governance and municipal services, $1.5 million for food security and $21 million for water and sanitation projects, among other targeted sectors.

Around $17 million was dedicated for the education sector, $20 million for health sector and $67 million for social protection. 

Germany topped the list of countries committing funds to the plan with $28 million provided by July. 

The EU came second with $23.6 million and the US was third with $23.2 million.

Japan came fourth with $15.6 million. 


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  1. USA 23 million $ for refugees. Just wondering: how much did they spend on bombs and military destruction in Syria during the same time period?

  2. reminds me: when I was asking for 60 million $ during my time as Chief of Mission IOM Iraq one US newspaper commented “well, this is actually only 20 minutes of the cost of the war efforts”.

  3. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    Allah say: Every one has to obey the existing authority because without Allah’s permision there is no authority. Those who obey the authority he obeys Allah. You like or you do not like it you has no choice.

    Some neighbor Arab countries with westren countries made huge mistake to support the armed rebel in Syria has caused huge catastrophe for humanity

    Now it is time to heal it and repent to Allah and apologize to Presudent Asaad and his people for your mustake or sin.

    Dont try blame others, every one has to blame your self include Syaria.

    All love ❤️
    A wise man always look at to him self if there is something wrong but a foolish always blame others. Proverb David

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