Trapped Thai team gets diving lessons as rescuers prepare for extraction

 Reuters International

Boys from the under-16 soccer team trapped inside Tham Luang cave covered in hypothermia blankets react to the camera in Chiang Rai, Thailand, in this still image taken from a July 3, 2018 video by Thai Navy Seal. Thai Navy Seal/Handout via REUTERS TV


By Panu Wongcha-um

CHIANG RAI, Thailand (Reuters) – Rescue teams in northern Thailand were giving crash courses in swimming and diving on Wednesday as part of complex preparations to extract a young soccer squad trapped in a cave, and hoping for a swift end to their harrowing 11-day ordeal.

Divers, medics, counsellors and Thai navy SEALS were with the 12 schoolboys and their 25-year-old coach, providing medicines and food while experts assessed conditions for getting them out safely, a task the government said would not be easy.

“The water is very strong and space is narrow. Extracting the children takes a lot of people,” Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan told reporters.

“Now we are teaching the children to swim and dive,” he said, adding that if water levels fell and the flow weakened, they would be taken out quickly.

By late on Tuesday, about 120 million litres of water had been pumped out, or about 1.6 million every hour.

It was unclear what the options were to get the “Wild Boar” team out of the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai province and how they would be steered through tight, fluid conditions and uncertain weather.

Experts say divers have required three hours to reach the boys, located about 4 km (2.5 miles) from the mouth of the cave.

A group of about 30 divers in wetsuits was seen preparing kit and heading for the caves on Wednesday, accompanied by military personnel and a foreign cave expert.

A video released by the SEALS showed two rescuers seated on an elevated part of the cave beside boys wrapped in emergency foil blankets who appeared to be in good spirits, occasionally laughing.

A torch is shone on each boy, who says hello and introduces himself with head bowed and palms pressed together in a traditional “wai” greeting.

A young player wears what appears to be the red jersey of the England soccer team in Tuesday’s World Cup second-round victory over Colombia. Another wears the blue shirt of English team Chelsea.


The group was discovered by the SEALS and two British cave diving experts on Monday, having been incommunicado since June 23, when a post-practice outing went awry, prompting the high-profile search and rescue effort.

News that the team had survived sparked relief, celebrations and an outpouring of praise in a country transfixed by the drama and its almost blanket media coverage.

Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn said the authorities were keen to get the boys out and suggested it might have to happen in phases, but only when safe.

“All 13 don’t have to come out at the same time,” he told reporters. “Who is ready first can go first.”

Officials have dismissed as speculation reports that the boys could be trapped for up to four months, although supplies have been prepared for that period of time.

Weerachon Sukondhapatipak, a deputy government spokesman, said there was much work to be done in preparing the boys for what could be a demanding task, and rescue teams should not be pressured to act faster.

“Some of them can’t swim, so therefore it will take time for them to adjust,” he said.

“Officials would teach them how to move, how to dive, how to move their body under those circumstances.”

Somboon Sompiangjai, 38, said his son Peerapat, 16, was able to swim, adding that he was confident the SEALS’ experience and professionalism would let them get the boys home safely.

“I am not worried if the kids have to swim and dive,” he told Reuters.

“I felt much better after seeing the clips with the children in good spirits, even though they were in there for 10 days.”

For a graphic “Lost boys in Thailand cave”, click

(The story has been refiled to change to “diving” in headline.)

(Additional reporting by Patpicha Tanakasempipat in CHIANG RAI and Chayut Setboonsarng, Pracha Hariraksapitak and Aukkarapon Niyomyat in BANGKOK; Writing by Martin Petty; Editing by Darren Schuettler and Clarence Fernandez)


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16 replies

  1. The world is weird to me : why?
    Thousand peopke around the world to participate securing the 13 young kids life. They have been working day and night to save 13 lifes of children.

    But on other hand the world has been ignoring to save thousand children life in Yemen, Syria, Iraq Afghanistan Rohingyya, Gaza etc. why?

    Saudi Arabia has been killing thousand children in Yamen.
    It look like all international media are silent. Why?

    Very sad indeed.
    All love ❤️

    • Why is the Western Media silent? Because the same ‘West’ is supplying arms and ammunition. The same ‘West’ has the aim of destabilizing Muslim countries. And dominantly the Western Media is owned by Jewish supporters of Israel. Simple, really.

  2. This us happening to day because all Muslim world are fighting and killing each other — spc Saudi Arabia has been kiling thousand Yemen children since 3 years ago—Hamas let their children to be killied by Israel — verb Daud

    Editor: cut

  3. A high-ranking UN aid official recently warned against the “catastrophic” living conditions in Yemen, stating that there was a growing risk of famine and cholera there.

    “People’s lives have continued unraveling. Conflict has escalated since November, driving an estimated 100,000 people from their homes,” John Ging, UN director of aid operations, told the UN Security Council on February 27.

    A high-ranking UN aid official recently warned against the “catastrophic” living conditions in Yemen, stating that there was a growing risk of famine and cholera there.

    “People’s lives have continued unraveling. Conflict has escalated since November, driving an estimated 100,000 people from their homes,” John Ging, UN director of aid operations, told the UN Security Council on February 27.

    Where us the voice of protest from Islamic countries to PREVENT the life of thousand Muslim children in risk.

    All love ❤️

    • Yes, both Saudi Arabia and the UAE are creating this catastrophe. And the USA, France, UK, Israel is helping them with ‘advisors, and arms and ammunition. Can we still say ‘Love for All and Hatred for None’ or should we say ‘May Allah humiliate those that create disorder’?

      • Rafiq— we should not pray to humiliate those who create catastrophe or disaoder, instead of pray to Allah to guide them the right path.

        But Allah has already promised to us that:
        What you reap is what you sow.

        Whosoever does a good deed, it is for his ownself, and whosoever does evil, it is against Allah. Then to your Lord you will be made to return. QS 45;(15)

        That is due to what your hands sent ahead, and that Allah is not cruel to (His) servants.” QS 8;(51)

        And We will certainly make them taste the nearer punishment before the greater punishment, so that they may return. QS. 6 : (21).

        All love ❤️


    Those who know a God wisdom they want to save a life, and to save a life it means save the whole mankind.

    Why Saudi Arabia has been killing thousand children in Yemen till to day. Do not Saudi Arabia King know this wisdom?

    King of Saudi Arabia do not know to value the life of Kids—and why Islamic countries are silence?

    Very weird, is not it?

    All love ❤️

    • Prince Mohammad bin Salman is mainly behind this war. He pretends ‘liberalism’ at home, but why war abroad?

  5. Was it a miracle of God?
    Yes, it was a miracle, they could live 9 days without food and clean in the darkness. Woow,

    I do not know about you!
    All love ❤️

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