Women Are Spending Up to $20,000 to Freeze Their Eggs. Is It Worth It?

Source: Time

By Kristen Bahler

June 28, 2018

When Meg He froze her eggs last year as a 29th birthday present to herself, she snapped a selfie for posterity. Wearing a surgical cap and gown, the startup cofounder posted the photo on Instagram from her hospital bed, looking elated, proud, and above all, confident in the decision she was making.

Her caption was even more enthusiastic: “After 25 injections in 12 days, 10 blood tests, 6 ultrasounds…these MEGglets are so ready to come out today!” she wrote.


Looking back, Meg calls the experience “one of the most empowering things” she’s ever done. The popularity of genetic testing services like 23andMe proves people want more information about how their bodies work, and how they can ensure a healthier future. Meg considers egg freezing a logical continuation of this trend, and as an early adopter, she sees her decision to participate as a social good; a way to help it hit critical mass.

As for the cost? “I plunked it on a credit card,” she says. “I’m going to worry about it in a year’s time.”

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