Families divided at the border: ‘The most horrific immigration policy I’ve ever seen’

Guardian: One month before Donald Trump’s administration enacted a policy that allowed the government to take thousands of migrant children from their parents, the president twice told crowds at his rallies that immigrant gang members were not people.

“These are animals,” he said in May. Over the weekend, video and photos emerged of the cage-like detention centers where children, separated from their parents, are housed.

His comment was directed at violent MS-13 gang members, and he deplored the idea that he had been talking about all immigrants. Today, however, as criticism mounts about a draconian set of immigration polices, advocates and attorneys are left wondering just how far Trump and his team are willing to go to stop immigrants from entering the country.

The most extreme example yet is the practice of family separation, which has seen more than 1,600 children taken from parents. Advocates say the practice had quietly been taking place for months before the government adopted it as policy in April.


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  1. We should blame the bad guy who came to US illigally.
    US always treat good immigrants fairly, and lovely.

    Mullions immigrant enjoy so much to live in US including Ahmadiyyah.

    We cannot treat bad people like extremist Muslim and illigal immigrant people. Justice should be for every one.
    Yes we feel sad to see children victims, because their parents false. Government will take care children . Children cannot folliw their parents to jail. Very sad indeed

    It is a good lesson for people who break the law of the land.
    All love ❤️

    • If someone asks for asylum how is she?he breaking any law? It is according to the law if they do not sneak over the border illegally but ask for asylum. The US authorities however treat both the same, the illegal migrant and the one correctly applying for asylum. Or am I reading something wrong?

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