Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Macedonia organised Iftar and Tabligh Meeting

By Zubair Khan
This time it was the city of Kumonov of Macedonia where AMJ Macedonia organized the tabligh meeting followed by Iftar Dinner. In spite being the first attempt in this city, congested by Albanian ethnic Muslims, the event proved to be a great success. Above 200 guests turned in to be the guests of Ahmadiyya.

Sadr and Missionary AMJ Macedonia Mr Wasim Ahmad addressing the audience

National President and Missionary of Macedonia Wasim Ahmad gave an impressive speech. Duly augmented with verses of holy Quran and Hadith he very amicably highlighted the pathetic situation of Muslim all over. Exactly according to the prophecies, as mentioned in Quran and Hadith, he highlighted,, today the Muslims exist merely on papers and their holy book, though present in each house, only lying wrapped in beautiful covers without being read and practiced.

Participants of Tabligh meeting and Iftar Dinner

After having explained the prophesied pathetic situation of Muslim Ummah, he, in loud and clear words, explained the glad tidings about the appearance of Imam Mahdi in Islam. Co relating the appearance of Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi, the founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, he explicitly stated the revival of real Islam now is conditioned only to the recognition of this Imam appointed by the God Almighty. Spread over half an hour of  speech the meeting concluded with silent prayers led by Ahmadiyya Missionary Wasim Ahmad and iftar dinner. Some groups did recite Islamic poems also on this event.

Another view of Participants of Tabligh Meeting and Iftar Dinner

Many notables were present on the event. Later few chiefs belonging to other factions of Islam appreciated this effort of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamsat and applauded the way it was conducted.

Few notables and Chiefs of some other factions of Muslims in the city


A huge book stall comprising of AMJ literature in Macedonian Language remained a great attraction through out the event and many participants benefited from it.
Local members of the community worked with lot of zeal and enthusiasm to make this meeting a great success.  Allah may bless all those who contributed for successful conduct of this great event.
Details in Macedonian Language as well book stall organized at this occasion can be viewed on this LINK

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