The secret life of Thailand’s ladyboys from Muslim majority southern provinces

Source: South China Morning Post

BY Tibor Krausz

Asan Sohoh engages in similar sartorial subterfuge on her return visits to Pattani. “I don’t want to embarrass my parents,” she says.
Ardulmalik and Asan are practising Muslims and they’re also transgender women. “It’s very difficult to be like us,” Ardulmalik says in English. “In Pattani it’s a big bad thing to be transgender.”
In Buddhist Thailand male-to-female transsexuals, known locally as katoeys or “ladyboys”, are free to live like women. “They’re widely accepted,” says Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, the author of Ladyboys: The Secret World of Thailand’s Third Gender. “They may face some disadvantages, but no one harasses them.”

2 replies

  1. Rafiq is a Ahmadiyyah Muslim, what do you think about “ “ladyboy”— do you reject the equal right for Ladyboy?
    Does Ahmadiyyah Support the extremist Muslim to insult by persecuting them?

    Let us know how do you treat ladyboy”

    All love ❤️

    • I lived in Bangkok for ten years, but somehow failed to study this topic. Somi, you should know by now that we are not in favor of insulting anyone !!!!

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