Afghanistan calls temporary Eid ceasefire with Taliban

Source: BBC News

The Afghan government has announced a temporary ceasefire with the Taliban but says fighting with other militants will continue.

President Ashraf Ghani said the week-long ceasefire would coincide with the end of the Ramadan fasting month, Eid. The Taliban have yet to respond.


Last week they denied they were in secret talks with Afghan officials.

The US state department said its forces and coalition partners in Afghanistan would “honour the ceasefire”.

Tens of thousands of Afghans have been killed since US-led troops drove the Taliban from power in 2001.

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2 replies

  1. All Muslims should be sad and embarrassing too when we claim that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy fir mankind, but in reality in the ground Muslim kill other Muslim barbarically icludung children and women.

    Does individual Muslim ever think why Muslim kill other Muslim? Why Muslim kill peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim and destroy their mosques?

    Can we change our mind-set that these all trouble things happen because of US and Zionist’s conspiracy. Can we stop thinking like that?

    I have been learning Islam from many sect of Muslim including learning from Ahmadiyya setc of Muslim who promote Peaceful Islam. I have found it that the extremist Muslim groups like Isis-taliban-al Qaida, Jihadith etc etc use the old interpretation of Islam from Al Quran and Hadith.

    Also I found that the extremist Muslim intolerance believe that Islamic teaching from Al Quran and Hadith cannot ve corrected or reformed it.

    Our Question is why not??
    1. Whereas God already said in Al Quran that regarding the law of worldly can be changed according to the progress and development Science and technilogy.

    2. Whereas God laws were sent down to Prophet in the context of time— at the time of lack of knowledge, primitif time. For example; can we implement and accept the slave law—beheading— flogging people at front of Public?

    3. Whereas God sent His law according to geograpic or location . For example: Can we implement God law of fasting in Arctic countries where the length of day time only 1 or 2 hours. And other season the length if the day time us 23 hiurs. Hiw Muslim can carry out fasting and praying?
    God law said: you fast from the sun-rise to the sun-set— about12 hours.

    If we God law cannot be adjusted or reformed it, Muslim will fast only 1 or 2 hours— it is logic? Other season Muslim will fast 23 hours even 24 hours. It is logic?

    Therefore, I urge young Educated Muslin to learn more about Islam and from different prospective.

    Progressive Muslim believe that Islamic teaching has been contaminated with wrong interpretation and false Hadith.
    So as long as Islamic teaching is not reformed I bekieve that there is no peace in Islamic countries—ahmadiyyah Muslim cannot live in peace, happiness and prosperity in Islamic countries, very unfortunate and sad.

    Hopefully Ahmadiyyah can change and find a NEW strategy to protect Ahmadiyyah Muslim who live in Islamic countries Amen

    All love ❤️

    • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at is fortunate to follow the Imam Mahdi and Promised Messiah, who was sent to correctly interpret the Qur’an (and Hadith) for the current period. Furthermore Allah in His infinite kindness has blessed us with Khilafat, meaning there is a living Khalifa who can be consulted at all times. Consequently we do not need to ‘search in the wilderness’, but we have the living guidance already. See and

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