Pakistan: ‘Mirzai’ — the biggest enemy

Source: The Daily Times

How painfully helpless would one feel when one cannot even defend oneself? When one’s so-called ‘protectors’ are complicit in the crime being committed

Hassaan Khan NiaziBy Hassaan Khan Niazi

As the world watches the drama unfold in Jerusalem, al-Aqsa mosque is once again the centre of our attention. Israel’s right-wing government plans to demolish the mosque in the next stage of takeover of the holy city. Even the thought of it is painful; how agonising it will be seeing the holy edifice being torn down?  I wonder how the local Muslims living in Jerusalem will deal with the loss. My question to all the thaikaidars of Islam in Pakistan is, what will you do when ultra-right Jews replace al-Aqsa with a Synagogue.

Recently, I woke up to the news of an Ahmadi place of worship being demolished by religious fanatics in Sialkot.

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4 replies

    I am a Progressive Muslim, I urge Educated Muslim look at the history of our prophet Moses, Jews, Empire Romawi and empire Islam and empire Turkey. And then look at al Quran why Allah commanded Muhammad move Qublat from Jerusalem to Mecca.

    Allah treat His people in justice and love all His people.
    Allah and Prophet Muhammad day in Al Quran 22:78, that Jews, Chiristian and Muslim are all Islam, Believer, love each other.

    The Empire Christian( romawi) and the empire Islam had colonized Israel and destroyed Jews’ Temple— now they pray at Wall.

    Whereas Muslim has been ordered to move to Mecca and Madinah as Muslim Holy land.

    If we love our brother Jews who want to restore their Temple again after thousand years. It will wise and right to love Jews as our brother who want to have a nice temple as Nuslim have in Meccah and Madinah.

    Allah command Muslim do not be greedy and love and care each other. If Muslim specially Arab Muslim recognise the tiny state of Israel that surrounded by big Arab nations. I believe permanent peace with Israel will be achieved soon.

    So be generous, love and care each other— Allah will bless Muslim not Arab Muslim— but all Muslim around the world will be peace, happiness and prosperity.

    Evil will not like peace, evil want opposite—want people go to Hell together with them ( evil) as Allah promise.

    Love is the seed of peace, happiness and prosperity
    Conversely hatred is the seed of evil, conflict and poverty.

    Allah love all people. Muslim who love Allah should love all people— love you your nieghtbor as you love your self— if your enemy hungry give them bread. If they are thirdthy give them water to drink— love your enemy and pray for them.

    Do you love your enemy? Do you like give them bread and water— they need a nice Temple— if you love Jews build the a Temple in Jerusalem.

    I urge Ahmadiyyah Muslim to love all people and let Jews to build their Temple again that Empire Romawi and Islam destroyed their temple thousand years ago.

    Actually Muslim and Christian should apologize to Jews for the mistake has done by Empire Christian and Empire Islam thousands years ago.
    Can we?

    All love ❤️

    • Question to readers of The Muslim Times? Do you want to read the repetitions of Somi or should I delete them?


    As we know that all Islamic countries and most Muslim (except Progressive Muslim ) so HATE Israel Jews and Ahmadiyyah Muslim.

    Most Islamic countries teach their people in mosque and school to hate Israel and Ahmadiyyah publicly —

    Because of Power and Money. Most Islamic leaders are hypocrite—they claim they are a good Muslim who follow Allah and the sunnah— but they do some of God law and sunnah and they reject the rest of that. They are hypocrite.

    The mind set of Muslim should be changed from Hatred enemy to love enemy and pray for them.
    God has the right to change people mind set— our part is to teach young Muslim to love all people anf obey Human Right.

    All love ❤️

    • Most Muslims do not hate Jews, they may hate those Israelis that kicked them out of their home. Somi somehow does not get the difference.

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