Making most of the third ashra of Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadan is about to leave but its blessings will remain throughout the year if we make it best by offering maximum worship of Allah Almighty. Last ten days of this Holy Month of Ramadan have been left which we have to utilize by maximizing our prayers. As we know just 10 days left, who knows if we would be able to enjoy this glorious month again or not the time of death is undetermined. Last 10 days of Ramadan is known as third Ashra which starts from 21st and ends on 29th or 30th of Ramadan. Third Ashra of Ramadan is superior to first two Ashras of Ramadan. There are lots of things associated with the last Ashra. It is important due to emancipation from hellfire and also Allah revealed Holy Quran on His last messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in third Ashra of Ramadan. Allah Almighty said to Muslims search the night in which He sent Quran. Lailatul Qadr and Itikaf are also associated with the last Ashra of Ramadan.

Our beloved Prophet (SAW) devoted Himself completely to prayer and other forms of worships during last 10 days of Ramadan and recommended other people also to do the same. There is a hadith about the routine of the Holy Prophet (SAW): “Allah’s Messenger used to exert himself in devotion during the last ten nights to a greater extent than at any other time” (Muslim). We all know that time is of the essence and every moment counts. What you need to do for the last ten days of Ramadan is to make the most in worship, good deeds, reciting Quran, dhikr, making dua and rewards are going to be multiplied. Let grab maximum blessings in the limited remaining time of this virtuous month.

Below is the list of things that you should do to make most of the third Ashra of Ramadan:

  • Recite Quran: A perfect combination of Ramadan is fasting and Quran recitation. Muslim can do in the last ten days of Ramadan is to recite Quran abundantly. The recitation of Quran brings great rewards and blessings for every single word. It will not wrong if someone say that fast is incomplete without Quran recitation. On the Day of Judgment fasting and Noble Quran will intercede for a person. Hadith related to fasting and Quran recitation is: Fasting will say, ‘O Lord, I deprived him of his food and his desires during the day, so let me intercede for him.’ And the Quran will say: ‘I deprived him of his sleep at night so let me intercede for him.’ Then they will intercede” (Saheeh Al-Jami). The reward of every deed is increased many times especially in the last Ashra of Ramadan so we should try to increase daily Quran recitation.
  • Observe Itikaf: Itikaf is the greatest Sunnah to observe in the last 10 days of Ramadan. In the third Ashra of Ramadan Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would go into seclusion and spend the last ten days and nights in prayer and worship of Allah Almighty with minimal human interaction. In Itikaf all the time that a Muslim spends is in the worship of Allah Almighty to ensure that He grants forgiveness and blessings to the seeker. In the last ten days, a Muslim must observe Itikaf, setting all the worldly intrusions and routine aside for ten days and spend these precious moments of Ramadan in praise and worship of Allah.
  • Do Excessive Dhikr: Keep on reciting something worthy every time or we can say do excessive dhikr in third Ashra of Ramadan. Whatever comes to your mind, any Surah, any Ayah, Durood, and Dua keep on reciting it repeatedly. Ramadan is for the purpose of remembering Allah and purifying the soul so that one could come close to Him. In this regard, in addition to the regular prayers, the additional voluntary prayer and Taraweeh, a Muslim must also try to remember Allah while standing or sitting in the form of Dhikr.
  • Find Lailatul Qadr: The most blessed night of the year the Night of power or decree falls in the third Ashra of Ramadan. This night is to be found in the odd nights of the last 10 days of Ramadan. The virtues and rewards of this night are better than a thousand nights. Therefore, in last ten days or third Ashra of Ramadan, a Muslim needs to make sure that he or she spends the odd nights in excessive prayer and worship so that if one of them is the Lailatul Qadr, then he or she is able to grasp it with all its rewards and endless virtues. Finding Lailatul Qadr should be one of the prime objectives of the last Ashra of Ramadan. The Prophet (SAW) said: “All past sins are forgiven to those who spend the night in the vigil of Destiny with devout faith and hope of reward” (Muslim)
  • Seek Protection from Hellfire: Last Ashra is of “protection from hellfire”. So, keep on reciting dua for third Ashra of Ramadan is, Translation: “O Allah! Save me from the Hell – Fire.” 

The final or third Ashra of Ramadan is the last 10 days of Ramadan after that Eid-ul-Fitr is the gift to Muslims from Allah Almighty. We Muslims besides Itikaf and recitation of Quran should perform special Nawafils, Salahtul Tasbeeh in these last days for invoking refuge from hellfire. May Allah give us the strength to make most of the third Ashra of Ramadan! Ameen


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