No one is above the Law in USA: Harvey Weinstein will be charged with rape, source says

Source: CNN

By Brynn Gingras, Emanuella Grinberg and Sonia Moghe, CNN

New York (CNN)Harvey Weinstein is expected to surrender to New York police Friday morning on charges that he raped one woman and forced another to perform oral sex on him, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN.

Manhattan prosecutors will charge Weinstein with first- and third-degree rape in one case and a first-degree sex act in a second case, the source said.

Weinstein’s New York-based attorney, Benjamin Brafman, declined to comment Thursday on whether his client would turn himself in.

Weinstein’s bond is expected to be set at $2 million, according to a law enforcement source.

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4 replies

  1. It seems that lately in the USA Sharia law is being implemented by the American government. Muslims did not demand it; Christians did. Christian women of this country are leading the path. Women are demanding protection from the sexual excesses of men. They want to be respected and treated just as another human being, not as an object of sexual gratification. And if some man violates their dignity, they want them held responsible.
    Precisely the teachings of Islam! Islam respects woman as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. It prescribes a strict code of conduct for both men and women with the aim of providing women with respect, security and equality in the society. The false propaganda spread by the fake media misrepresents Islam. Otherwise, as I said, the women of this country are demanding Sharia Law. The “Me too” movement is actually asking for what Islam prescribes.
    I am in full support.

    • CS— asI say many time here that

      1. America constituion is Islamic law or God’s law from Bible and AlbQuran
      But Saudi Arabia and Iran who claim Islamic state, it is fake.

      2. The system democratic secular is also Islamic laws, but Saudi Arabia and Iran are dictator like atheist

      3.Bible and Al Quran are Islamic laws, sysriah Islam, all prophets were Islam or Muslim. but Saudi and Iran are reject that idea and , misleading Muslim.

      Actually American citizen are Islam or Muslim. That is why Allah bless US and its citizen with peace, happiness and prosperity, but Allah punish million Muslim in Arab countries because hypocrite and Syrick.

      4. US protect the right Minority, justice for all, therefore million Ahmadiyyah live in US happier that they live in Islamic countries— Saudi and Iran claim Islamic country, actually they ban and persecute Ahmadiyyah. Which one c is Islamic country?

      Read futher US:

      All our love ❤️
      I wish you all a blessed and happy Ramadhan

    • Yes, but the ladies should follow Islamic guidance. We hear about ladies being ‘sexually assaulted’ in the hotel rooms of the perpetrators at night. Or at the ‘Playboy Mansion’. Well, what the hell were the ladies doing there? alone in the room with the man? Did they expect a prayer meeting? (I know this is not ‘fashionable’ to ‘blame the victims’, but let’s be logical here).

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