This Simple Change to Your Morning Routine Will Help Eliminate Anxiety at Work

Source: Time


May 17, 2018

Sarah Wilson wears the same gym clothes every morning.

She always wakes up at 6 am, promptly changes out of her pajamas, and into the running gear she laid out the night before. And then, no matter what the weather is like, or what kind of mood she’s feeling, she goes outside.

Wilson, an Australian author and entrepreneur, has a chronic anxiety disorder. The specificity of her morning ritual goes beyond recognizing the benefits of exercise, and the freedom that comes with not having to shuffle through a drawer of sports bras in a groggy, early-morning haze.

It’s how she deals.

“It’s hard to make decisions when you’re anxious,” she says. “I carve out that time to get up, get out the door, and do exercise. It sets the tempo for my day.”

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