Sunnis and Shi’ites Break Their Fasts at Different Times

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  1. Rafiq—- most Islamic clerics shiah and Sunni still follow the God’s verses litarally —from the sun rise to the sun set—- what happen Muslim who live in Arctic countries where the length of sun rise and the sun set only 1 or 2 hours——

    We cannot follow the verses literally— we have to follow God’s rule propfedsionally according to location and tradition otherwise Muslim will follow the wrong teaching anx go astray—

    I urge Muslim around the world fast 12 hours from 6am to 6 pm every where you are—-you just set your time do not need to see the sun.

    At the time of prophet there was no clock available yet that is why people use the sun to see the time. Primitif eay of life— we are in Midren time now— use our knowlegde and mind professionally

    I wish you a blessed and peaceful Ramadhan.
    All ❤️

  2. How Muslim pray 5 times a day?

    Set your time 6 am— and then after 6 hours you pray lohor shalat— after 4 hours you pray ashar shalat and then after 3-4 hours you pray Magrip shalat— and the last pray ishay shakat—

    You do not need to follow the verses of Al Quran that sent down in Arab country where the length of day 12 hours and as well 12 hours the length of night.

    This is a proof that Islamic teaching can be adjusted or changed it according to the context of time, geograpic and tradition etc— that is why we call Islam is a religion flexible— do not make dufficulty to people— Islam is a religion of progressive—- only Arab clerics want to uphold their old tradition—they want to make all Muslim to follow Arab tradition as Prophet did.

    I urge Muslim please fillow Islamic teaching professionally according to the contect of time and the progess and development of Science and technology.

    I wish you a blessed and peaceful Ramadhan
    All ❤️

    • Somi: are you fasting like that? for 12 hours? Bacon for Iftar with a little red wine may be? (As it has been declared healthy)?

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