‘The only solution for Iraq’

May 04,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – MICHAEL JANSEN It is hardly surprising that Iraqis stormed the Green Zone at the heart of Baghdad, entered the parliament building and confronted legislators blocking reforms proposed by Prime Minister Haidar Al Abadi. Iraqis of all sects and stations in life were among those […]

Can an Arab military force really work?

Summary by Omar Ashour| The Daily Star Such interventions were usually aimed at empowering a proxy political force over its military and political rivals, instead of averting humanitarian disaster or institutionalizing a nonviolent conflict-resolution mechanism following a war. By 1982, when the Lebanese government failed to extend the ADF’s mandate, it […]

Turkey warns against Shiite-Sunni cold war

Reuters | Jan 05,2012 | 23:55 ANKARA — Middle East powerhouse Turkey on Wednesday warned against a sectarian cold war in the region and said rising Sunni-Shiite tensions would be “suicide” for the whole region. “Let me openly say that there are some willing to start a regional Cold War,” […]