Man Pleads Guilty To Bacon Vandalism Of Tennessee Islamic Center

Source: Huffington Post

A Tennessee man has pleaded guilty to using strips of bacon and anti-Muslim graffiti to vandalize an Islamic center in his state.


Charles Dwight Stout III accepted a plea agreement with the government on Wednesday, admitting to conspiracy and to causing damage to religious property because of its religious character, U.S. Attorney Don Cochran announced.



Federal prosecutors allege the 20-year-old and another man vandalized the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro last July by placing bacon around the center’s entrance. Islam, like its fellow Abrahamic religion, Judaism, generally prohibits followers from eating pork products. 


Wearing a Soviet World War II-era gas mask, Stout also spray painted profanity about Allah on the center’s exterior. Prosecutors claim he destroyed the clothing he wore during the act and permanently deleted photos of the vandalism that he took on his phone.

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