Mapping Erik Prince’s Private Mercenary Empire

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    • Most of very thing bad was started from 9/11 2001– the world has been changing till to day , speacially in Islamic countries—

      The fruit of hate teaching for ccntury has caused 3000 innocent prople in 9/11– and then has been impacting badly in Arab world—

      God know very well who start the bad thing will come back to them severely.

      That is a wisdom of God
      Please do not start a bad thing or do not hurt others.

      All love ❤️

      • Yes, 9/11. Please google and find out who was really behind that. Who wanted this hatred to spread.

  1. Who behind 9/11? Of corse the extremist wahhabi, no doubt at all!
    Google? Who wrote Google? Dont place your trust on Google Rafiq! Place your trust on Al God’s words only!
    You will not be deceived !

    Pleace place your trust only God’s words you will be save and fine. God love you if you place your trust on Him. Q.3:59.

    All love ❤️

    • OK, we will for ever disagree about 9/11. Just a few points for ‘food for thought’: How could tower 7 collapse if there was no plane hitting it? And: Look, I am an expert in criminology. I read all books of Hercule Poirot and Agathe Christie. I watched many crime TV series. Therefore one thing is clear: Serial murderers leave ‘pattern’. What is the 9/11 pattern? Did Al Qaeeda perform any other such sophisticated actions? No. They blew up the US Embassy in Kenya, killing few Americans and a lot of locals. I do not consider that in ‘9/11 league’. They blew a hole in a vessel in Yemen harbor. I do not consider that in ‘9/11 league’. At the time 9/11 happened I asked many people what their first thoughts are. Many Muslims replied: ‘It could not have been us, because we are not capable of such superb logistics’. And I happen to agree with that, unfortunately. And then a very senior US colleague told me: ‘I would not be surprised if we (the USA) did it’. When asked how he came to this conclusion he answered ‘because I lived in Central America and saw what the CIA is capable of’. And I happened to agree with that too. – but of course you think that Usama bin Laden, from a cave in the USA, arranged 9/11. Go on thinking that, if you like (but save the rest of us from that conclusion please). – And the readers of TMT may google or not …

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