As an imam, this is what I think British Muslims need to remember this Ramadan

Interfaith golden rule

The Muslim Times has the best collection on interfaith tolerance and to refute Islamophobia

Source: Independent

We simply cannot take our security for granted anymore. The events of the past couple of years have proved this point. We need to work with the police, government agencies and bodies to ensure that our collective freedoms are protected

As an imam and someone who works in the heart of Muslim communities, including within prisons, it is startling to see the way that the level of fear within our communities has grown over the past five years. This fear has worsened because of anti-Muslim hate incidents and attacks. This is particularly pertinent for visible Muslim women, who often bear the brunt of street attacks.

Over the past five years, incidents of anti-Muslim hate have risen significantly and there is a sense of victimisation that has seeped into communities.

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