Israel has hit nearly all Iranian infrastructure in Syria, military claims

Most intense Israeli incursion since 1973 follows Iran’s alleged firing on Golan Heights

Syrian military video shows air defences trying to intercept Israeli missiles

Israel has claimed it hit nearly all Iranian infrastructure in Syria during airstrikes launched in response to a rocket attack on its troops in the occupied Golan Heights it blamed on Iran.

The alleged Iranian barrage just after midnight, which Israel said failed to hit its targets, and extensive response appeared to be the most serious confrontation ever between two foes who have long warned of war.

It would be the first time, if confirmed, that Iran has fired rockets directly at Israeli forces in a conflict that for years has been fought through proxies such as the Lebanese group Hezbollah.

Israel’s response was the most significant strike in Syria since the 1973 Yom Kippur war. The confrontation follows a months-long shadow war campaign during which Israel has been accused of repeated air assaults in Syria, the latest of which was reported on Tuesday night.

Its military said on Thursday it had attacked dozens of targets included weapons storage, logistics sites and intelligence centres used by Iranian forces.

The Israeli defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman, told a security conference: “We hit nearly all the Iranian infrastructure in Syria … They need to remember the saying that if it rains on us, it’ll storm on them. I hope we’ve finished this episode and everyone understood.

“We don’t want an escalation, but won’t let anyone attack us or build an infrastructure to attack us in the future.” Hesaid Iran had also been attempting to bring anti-aircraft systems close to the Israeli border.

The Israeli military said a “wide-scale attack” included the logistics headquarters of the Iranian Quds forces and military compounds south, north and east of Damascus, including a munition warehouse at the capital’s international airport.

Observation and military posts near the occupied Golan Heights were also hit, while Syrian air defence engaged its anti-air batteries to incept Israeli missiles.

The Israeli military’s Arabic-language Twitter account said early on Thursday that it was moving against Iranian targets in Syria and warned Damascus not to intervene.

The Syrian capital was shaken with explosions as jets flew overheard before dawn. Residents posted videos online of what appeared to be air defence missiles running bright streaks through the night sky and repored loud noises rocked their buildings.

Syria’s state news said Damascus had intercepted dozens of missiles, but that several had hit radar and other military posts.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict through a network of sources, said the Israeli strikes had killed at least 23 fighters, including government troops and allied forces. It did not say if Iranians were among the dead.

Israel said raids were in response to about 20 rockets fired from an Iranian-operated launcher at its forces in the Golan Heights. The rockets either fell short of their targets or were intercepted, Lt Col Jonathan Conricus told reporters.

“At approximately 12.10, 10 minutes past midnight, forces belonging to the Iranian Quds Force fired approximately 20 projectiles – most of them are probably rockets but that is yet to be determined – towards the forward line of IDF positions in the Golan Heights,” he said.

In later comments, he added: “Not a single [rocket] impacted in Israel. Four were intercepted by the Iron Dome defensive system and the rest did not reach their targets.”


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    All events in this world are known well by God—and we want to see which side does God favor ?

    God say in Al Quran that Jews are chosen people among other Tribes on earth—- is it true?

    All love ❤️

    • In the past the prophets were for a certain people. At that time those people were ‘chosen people’ (at the time). The Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) came to all the people of the world. Therefore who-ever accepts him is now ‘chosen’. Logic?

  2. My Question to Ahmadiyya: Rafiq, Zia and others

    What do you think about Prophocy TB Joshua, About Israel and Iran.
    Let us pray together for PEACE, for God’s intervention.

    All love ❤️
    Very interesting to watch as a comparation with Khalifah Ahmadiyya—

  3. I ask you please which one man you like to be your president.?

    If you cannot answer it, it means you are not honest. Rafiq.
    You have a hatred in your heart. Very sad.

    • ‘Progressive Muslim’ has a long way to go before becoming a real ‘Progressive Muslim’. I do not consider it very progressive to threaten people with hellfire and hatred etc. just because they may not be thinking exactly like you or talking exactly like you. Unfortunately somehow you seem like a Catholic Priest during the Spanish inquisition more than a progressive and Muslim at that. – Regarding the two: I thank Allah that he made me not an American. I felt sorry for all of you having to choose between (k) Hillary and Trump, two bad choices. (with (k) Hillary on record that ‘we have to destroy Syria for the sake of Israel’). The Iranian President? I do not know him all that well, however, during my time in Baghdad I considered one Minister a real friend. During the time of Saddam his family was in exile in Iran. He was brought up in Iran and became a Medical Doctor in Iran. You can say that he was more Iranian than Iraqi, however, he was / is a real gentleman. He respected me (a ‘non-Shia’) and many other Iraqi Shias did too. Nice people most of them actually. Of cvourse there are many nice American people too, individually, but it seems they are in the minority, as the majority voted for Trump and would have voted for (k) Hillary. – May Allah be our protector at all times. And may Allah teach Somi how to become real ‘progressive’ … tolerant of others’ views.

  4. Dear Rafiq—if you respect and love me if you will not erase or delate my thought / my comments that differing with you.
    From the morning when you wake up, you want to read my comment and then you erase it.
    Whereas we promote justice for all, freedom of expression. Respect differences and love each other.

    You erase my comment it means you reject the freedom of expression and belief.

    From now on, please do not erase my comment, let other read my thought and belief, Muslim really need different view of Islam. May God bless you and ahmadiyya

    All love ❤️

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