Muslim minority communities meet in UAE to talk challenges

Source: Associated Press


ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The United Arab Emirates hosted the start of a two-day forum on Tuesday for Islamic community leaders from countries around the world where Muslims are minorities.

Several hundred people attended the forum in the UAE’s capital of Abu Dhabi to network and discuss challenges around issues of Islamophobia, integration and extremism.

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Muslim community leaders attending the summit came from countries as far as Venezuela and Vietnam, where Muslims are minorities. The forum also hosted speakers from international organizations, like the United Nations, and members of other faiths, such as Buddhism and Christianity, to deepen discussions on pluralism and tolerance.

With more than half a billion Muslims living in countries where they are a minority, spokesperson for the International Muslim Communities Conference, Fawziya Al-Ajamawi, said it’s important to combat misunderstandings and portray Islam “as a religion of forgiveness and love.”

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6 replies

  1. Somi, according to you only hijab wearing women are responsible for spreading islamophobia. At this point I have to ask you, what is the matter with you? Do you actually think that innocent women who choose to follow their religion and wear their hijab are the sole cause for what Muslim minority are facing in the west.

    If you want to know the reasons behind Islamophobia then here they are but it’s not by far, women who wear hijab at all.

    1. MEDIA

  2. Due to some handful of extremists people, true Islam is now at risk. Term “Islamophobia ” is now commonly used by everyone which really hurts true Muslim who are peace loving and peace keeping everywhere.
    Islam is a religion of love, harmony and peace, but it’s misunderstood most of the time, due to which Muslims face discrimination all over the world.

    • True Islam is definitely NOT at risk. Sane people all over the world can differentiate between ordinary Muslim and militant gangsters mis-using the name of Islam at times (and many times not even bothering). Who ever wants to know real Islam can find it these days. In The Muslim Times, in Muslim Television Ahmadiyya, in Al Islam Library and in many mosques all around the world. Again: True Islam is NOT at risk at all. Only uneducated (yes there are quite a few of them, in the ‘enlightened West’ too) mistake murderous gangsters as fundamentalist Muslims. (I attended a high level CVE Countering Violent Extremism Workshop, participants were top police officers from the EU and the Middle East region. The best contributing police officer was from Italy. He said that he does not see any difference between the so-called Islamic State and the Mafia ‘back home’. All the same methods in countering the Mafia need to be employed in countering the violent extremists of so-called Islamic fundamentalists. Criminal minds are criminal minds).

    • We find that at the time of ‘extremist activities’ there are always also many individuals who decide to study Islam properly to ‘see what it is all about’. Sales of translations of the Qur’an are booming everywhere. Even several politicians who were ‘anti-Muslim’ decided to study ‘what it is all about’ and then converted to Islam. We have examples in most countries, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK – USA also I suppose. Sometimes opposition is the best ‘propaganda’. – Just imagine: if the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community would have been treated well in Pakistan he would not have moved to London. If he had not moved to London we would now not have (Muslim Television Ahmadiyya). Therefore: Thank you late Gen. Zia ul Haq. You did the best service to Ahmadiyyat. We should give you a prize!

  3. These are my thought :
    1. As long as Islamic clerics do not recognise Ahmadiyyah as Islam / Muslim there is no peace.
    2. As long as Saudi and Iran do not obey Human Right will cause Islamophobia will be growing bigger and bigger and create fear among Muslim community in the West . There is no peace.
    3. As long as women wear Hijab or Burqa in Non Islamic countries, will cause FEAR among Non Muslim—there is no peace.
    4. Last but not least as long as Editor of TMT do not protect Progressive Muslim ( my right ) to express his thought / comment here— there is no peace.

    Human Right us the core of Peace in this world.
    Hopefully TMT editor protect my right and stop erasing my comment.

    All love ❤️

    • Nr. 3 – Hijab. Creating fear? I consider your view a joke. Of all the hijab wearing ladies in Switzerland for instance, one or two are extremist, Swiss converts. Even they look more ‘comical’ than ‘fearsome’. The rest are nice ladies of all kind. Young, sweet and innocent; older serene and graceful. None of them ‘fearful’. A minority (again one or two) may look at them with a look of arrogance or racism, the majority however are respectful and nice. That is my experience while walking through town with my hijab wearing lady. Practically all persons we meet are respectful to my not-so-young lady. Very few might decide not to join her in the bus on the same bench. What’s the problem. Creating fear? No. Creating Islamophobia? No. Therefore, dear Somi, please stop repeating the same old story if you do not like me to erase it.

      Saudi and Iran and human rights violations? Partly true. Worse is the war mongering. May be you do not mention that because you know quite well that your friends the Israelis and Americans are among the worlds greatest war mongers? (and weapon suppliers).

      The Editors of the TMT deleting comments? Equal to warmongering? Are you going to take up arms? Let’s hope not. Better come to the beach and drink some coconut milk with me instead.

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