Mo Salah of Liverpool Breaks Down Cultural Barriers, One Goal at a Time

Source: The New York Times


LIVERPOOL, England — Mohamed Salah’s routine is familiar now. As the Liverpool Football Club stadium erupts joyously around him, celebrating yet another of the Egyptian’s goals, he runs to the fans closest to him, arms outstretched. He stands stock still, soaking in the adulation.

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Once his teammates have congratulated him, he walks slowly back to the center circle. “Then there is this pause,” said Neil Atkinson, host of The Anfield Wrap, a Liverpool fans’ podcast, and a regular at the stadium.

Mr. Salah raises his hands to the sky and then kneels on the field, prostrating himself in a deeply personal demonstration of his Muslim faith. “The crowd goes a little quieter, allows him that moment of reflection,” Mr. Atkinson said. There is another roar as he stands up, “and then everyone celebrates again.”

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  1. I get that you weren’t the one who wrote this article but I never would have found it if not for you having posted it here, so thanks for sharing a very insightful piece on Salah’s impact on not just the pitch alone but on the people and their lives as well 🙂

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