Police, Shiites clash over detained leader in Abuja

Source: The Guardian

It was violence yesterday as members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), also known as Shiites, clashed with the police in Abuja. A senior member of the group, Abdullahi Mohammed Musa, informed The Guardian on phone after the clash that one of their ‘brothers’, Rufai Abubakar, was fatally shot by the police.He said Abubakar might not survive his injury as his condition was very critical. Musa alleged that more than 90 members of the group were also arrested and were being detained by the police in Abuja, even as he vowed that they would be back on the streets today.

It was learnt that trouble started yesterday when the police barricaded thousands of the Shiites who were on their way to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to lodge a complaint against the police who had warned them against embarking on any form of protest in the city.

“The police told us to stop protesting in Abuja last Friday at the Unity Fountain but we said that was a violation of our rights to peaceful protest and we went to the NHRC to lodge a complaint against them,” Musa said.While they were in the vicinity of the NHRC, Musa alleged that the police surrounded them and started firing tear gas canisters into their midst. “We had to pick the tear gas and throw it at the police,” Musa said.

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2 replies

    • The reason is the same thing because there are Shia.
      Maybe the police is a extremist Muslim who hate Shiah.

      Rafiq— there is no peace in Islamic community as long as there is the extremist Clerics.

      The extremist clerics are the main root of conflict every where in this 21 century. Please understand it…
      Dont hide it— this is Muslim problem. We need to defeat the extremist ideology tirelessly.

      All our love ❤️

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