USA: “Coffee Cake & True Islam” event attended by students of Local University of Dayton, Ohio

Islam is a religion of Peace and Tolerance” said Imam Shamshad.

Report by Abdul Qudoos Ahmad Dayton

The very popular “Coffee Cake & True Islam” event happens very regularly on each Wednesday @ 7 to 8 pm.

CCTI with Shamshad Sahib 3

Held at Masjid Fazle Umar Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, 637 Randolph St, Dayton Ohio, USA all guests are invited to join us and understand True Islam that is Ahmadiyyat.

Recently we were contacted by the students of local university of Ohio and we invited them to visit our Mosque and ask their questions. Imam Syed Shamshad Ahmad Nasir, the regional missionary was present at this meeting to help students get their answers and doubts cleared on Islam. So on March 21st a meeting took place in the Masjid Fazle Umar in Dayton, Ohio.

CCTI with Shamshad Sahib 2

“The key to becoming good is to follow the teachings of one’s faith and Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance which gives total freedom to each and every person to adopt a faith of his/her choice”, told Imam Shamshad Nasir while introducing Islam to said group of students. Imam Shamshad explained to them the wisdom behind each teaching of Islam.

Students asked many questions concerning Jihad, status of women in Islam and how can one say 5 times daily prayers?

CCTI with Shamshad Sahib 7

The local president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Dayton Ohio chapter Dr. Shahid and other members of the community also discussed and answered their questions about various Islamic concepts.

The female students were invited to get in touch with Ahmadiyya Muslim Ladies, who were present in their own area. During this conversation, a regular non Ahmadi female guests who has attended many CCTI events and was present in the women’s area, explained to the guest students how this arrangement is in fact better for both men and women and how she has learned this through her personal experience gained by attending various jamaat events.

Dr. Shahid, explained the different auxiliaries in existence in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community which greatly impressed the guests. Imam Shamshad also further explained the role of these auxiliaries and their place in the bigger picture. The guests students were provided refreshment at the end of the meeting.
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