Saudi crown prince visits Virgin Galactic and Mojavi Air and Space port in California


Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman visited Virgin Galactic and Mojavi Air and Space port in California on Monday.
During the visit, the crown prince reviewed the progress made by Galactic and its plan to launch the first spacecraft to monitor Earth, observing the latest advanced technologies in this field.

(Photo courtesy: SPA)


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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    King Prince Salman will bring a reformation of Old interpretation of Islam in Muddle East. Firts He recognize the state of Israel— the state of Israel had the right to has thier own land and state as othrr countries. King Saudi has been removing or punishing most the extremist clerics in Saudi Arabia.

    Hopefully he will bring a peacefull religion in the world. Amen

      • Yes He really made mistake in Yemen, but aldo he has made a good thing too—- he starts to reform The old Islamic interpretation of the extremist clerics—he put some extremist clerics in Jail—wahhabi and Salafy. It is cool—-he lets all religions to open their own temple — it is cool— he lets women to drive— it is. cool— he let women to wear what she wish— its cool too— more coming—


      • so far more talk – mainly for the benefit of Western audience – than actual action at home.

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