Bangladesh: Ahmadiyya mosque comes under attack

Our Correspondent, Jamalpur

Some 22 people were injured as a mosque of Ahmadiyya community came under attack in Madarganj upazila of Jamalpur district on Friday.

Members of the community said a group of 70-80 people — emerging from a local mosque following Juma prayers — carried out the attack equipped with lethal weapons. They said they were then listening to the Friday sermons at their mosque at Folarpar village in Jorkhali union of the upazila.

Shahidul Islam, president of the Madarganj upazila unit of Ahmadiyya community, said he donated the land to build the mosque for his community.

On the occasion of its inauguration, Ahmadiyya Imam Moulana Hafej Abul Khayer was invited.  When the sermon was going on around 1:30pm, all on a sudden a group of people attacked them, said Shahidul, also resident of the village.

Other guests — including SM Asaduzzaman Razib, an Ahmadiyya imam of Hosnabad village in Sarishabari upazila of the district, and Faridul Islam, president of the upazila unit of the community — also got injured during the attack.

Razib alleged that the attack was carried out under the leadership of Monirul Islam Monir, religious affairs secretary of the upazila unit of Awami League. Soon villagers rushed to the spot and rescued the people from further beating, Razib said, adding that he had informed the local police over the phone.

On information, police rushed to the spot and took the people of the community to the police station on security grounds, said Rafiqul Islam, officer-in-charge (OC) of Madarganj police. This correspondent could not reach Monirul for his comment.

But the OC said Monirul and his men were asked to visit the police station.

The issues were settled there after both sides agreed that they would refrain from any untoward incident in future, added the OC.

Meanwhile, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at expressed its concern over the attack saying that the attack was a part of an ill attempt to turn the country a ‘fundamentalist and militant’ one.

In a statement, it said a vested quarter is trying to make chaotic situation ahead of the national elections. It also feared the recurrence of such incidents in future.

The statement also blamed so-called waz mahfil (religious discussion) for misleading people and instigating them.

The community demanded that the authorities concerned take measures to bring perpetrators of the incidents to justice.

8 replies

  1. Rafiq and Zia—
    My question the same;
    Why does Allah not help and Protect Ahmadiyyah from persecuting by the extremist Muslim whereas million Ahmadiyyah pray every day to Allah almighty for HELP.

    Similarity; why does Allah not help Hamas Muslim from persecuting by Israel. Whereas million Hamas Muslim plus Million palestine Muslim pray to Allah every day?

    Maybe there is something wrong with Shalat.. !
    What is your thought?


      • Palestine have been struggling most 80 years, hundred thousand died already more coming

        Ahmadiyyah have been struggling most 130 years, if MGA and his children are closer to Allah, Allah should help His helper like prophet won the battle. Unfortunately persecution is still going on till today.

        That is a big question for with Palestine snd Ahmadiyya.

        Rafiq— it is unsuficient respond from you.
        All our love ❤️

      • Have you not seen how Ahmadiyyat spread around the world in our generation? A great success, considering that we sort of came from a small village without a proper road or railway. OK, in some places we are still ‘being tested’. No problem, even in Lombok, Indonesia, where Ahmadis are ‘displaced in their own country’ spirits are high ! No problem …

  2. Dear Rafiq — I went to pilgrim ( Hajji) 1991. For me Mecca or Kaaba is not the house of God but it is a historical place of Islam, not more than that. Kaaba is just a direction of shalat, not more than that. I did not kiss and cry at front of Kaaba, I did not encicle Kaaba 7 times. It does not make sense at all to do so.

    As I said previously that kissing and crying at Kaaba is the act idolatry— if you do not do it, dont feel sinfull, but if you kiss, cry and wirship Stone you commit idolatry. The biggest sin in Islam.
    Go to pilgrim Hajji is not obligatory at all.

    This is my advice. Think about it!
    What do you think Rafiq?
    All love ❤️

    • I think you are a bit – how should I say – ‘thinking too much’ (to put it politely). No one is worshiping a stone. People who circle the Kaaba are happy because they are circling the same spot where the beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) circled. Yes, people cry in prayer but because they are full of love for Allah and not because of a stone. It is all in your imagination. I feel sorry for you that you missed to circle the Kaaba and repeat the prayers that our beloved Prophet repeated at the same spot. Poor Somi … with his strange ideas.

  3. Teaching about 5 Pillar of Islam.
    There is no a verse of 5 pillar in Al Quran, if you find it please show me Rafiq.
    What I know that The ancient Clerics tried to compille Al Quran to 5 pillars. They are wrong

    These are the true 5 pillars
    1. Worship Creator ( God) alone, do not associate with idol.
    2. Prayer ( Shalat ) 3 or 5 a day
    3. Fasting on Ramadhan
    4. “You will have to work hard and sweat to make the soil produce anything, earn money and than..
    5. Pay tax ( zakat)

    5 point or Pilars above are obligatory.
    But Pilgrim Hajji is not obligatory, it is a suggestion.

    The ancient Arab has been deceiving Muslim around the world with the wrong Islamic teaching till to day unconsciulously.

    If Saudi Arabia ban Ahmadiyyah to pilgrim Hajji is cool.
    Ahmadiyyah is prevented from commiting Idolatry.
    Allah has prevent Ahmadiyyah to commit idolatry,—the blessing of disguise .

    This is my advice to you
    All love ❤️

    • There is no idolatry during Hajj. It is your imagination only. No one ‘worships’ the Kaaba nor the black stone. The only reason to try and touch the black stone is because the Prophet – peace and blessings of Allah be on him – touched it. It is really nice to touch something that he (sas) touched. It does not mean anyone ‘worships’ the black stone.

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