‘We suffer more’: Rising violence on Shiite targets takes toll on Afghanistan’s Hazaras

Source: The Washington Post


 When a suicide bomber killed at least 30 people Wednesday near the majestic Sakhi shrine in west Kabul, where worshipers had gathered to mark the Persian new year, it was the latest in a fast-growing list of insurgent attacks that have targeted the capital’s Shiite, largely ethnic Hazara community in the past two years.

Both Islamic State and Taliban extremists have claimed more than a dozen attacks on mosques, shrines, schools and public rallies in the capital since 2016 — often during religious holidays or services — in an apparent attempt to sow divisions between Afghanistan’s majority Sunni Muslims and minority Shiite Hazaras.

Nationwide, insurgent attacks on Shiite and Hazara targets have claimed more than 300 lives and left more than 700 people wounded in the past two years. Most have been claimed by or are believed to have been carried out by the Islamic State.

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