Nursing home forced employee to get a flu shot despite her religious objections, Justice Department suit says

Source: The Washington Post

A nurse prepares a flu shot at the Salvation Army in Atlanta on Feb. 7. (AP)

Barnell Williams didn’t want a flu shot.

But the nursing home where she worked forced her to get one, she alleges, even after she explained that the vaccine went against her religious beliefs. Her body, Williams allegedly told her employer, is a holy temple, and the Bible prohibits her from putting foreign substances into it.

On Tuesday, the federal government sued Wisconsin’s Ozaukee County, claiming that Williams faced religious discrimination in 2016 when the county-owned nursing home, Lasata Care Center, mandated she get a flu shot to continue working there. Williams, a certified nursing assistant, had worked at the nursing home from December 2015 to June 2017, according to the lawsuit.

“When Lasata denied Ms. Williams’ request for a religious exemption, she submitted to the flu shot, despite her religious objections, because she was told that her refusal would result in her termination,” the Justice Department said in a statement.

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  1. Well the the Jehovah’s Witnesss followers also refuse any blood transfusions even if their life life depends on it, they rather die then to receive blood transfusions. I for one want to save a life as a doctor but I above all would respect their their religion. However, if they don’t wish to have the flu shot administered which might be life saving for the old and frail residents of the nursing home then they would have to find employment elsewhere.

  2. Riffat— Have you read these wise verses ? I bet you dont

    How wise Islamic teaching is?
    There is no compulsion in Islam. Q2:256
    We do not place a burden on anyone except according to his ability.Q.23:62.
    He has chosen you and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion;Q.22:78.

    Most Clerics make difficulties on Muslim to carry out Islam. They are wrong absolutely. Clerics mislead Muslim around the world, especially in Saudi Arabia and Iran where the extremist leader rule the Government.There is no freedom of expression ( dressing) for women.

    Al our ❤️

  3. Rafiq— hopefully, the fact is yge extremist Muslim is not getting weak— but getting stronger and stronger in Pakistan since Ahmadiyyah was born in Pakistan.
    Prophet Muhammad succesed to defeat his enemies.

    Ahmadiyyah need to learn from this phrase==

    Erdogan—wrote===Recently, some people claiming to be clerics issued statements contradicting the religion. It is hard to understand. They have no place in our times. They don’t know Islam needed an update and is accordingly updated. You can’t apply the practices applied 15 centuries ago today. Islam changes and adopts to the conditions of different ages. This is the beauty of Islam,” Erdoğan said.===

    Ahmadiyyah really need a reformation how to fight the extremist wahhabi who apply the practice applied 25 centuries ago.

    This is my observation to see Ahmadiyyah from out side.
    I want Ahmadiyyah to reform Islamic teaching.

    • Somi, I agree with Rafiq and yes I have read the verses of the holy Quran. But the Khalifa oh Islsm receives his direction and directives from a God. So when as it stands, the Jihad of the A’s the Will of God and the work of the Messiah of time stated, is through Pen and not Sword. We carry through us the will of God, that is Love for all Hatred for None.

  4. Riffat—please reflect it
    The Tenet of Islam is Love & Justice for all.
    Islam's Objective is The welfare and Happiness for Humanity. Allah has Given me Inspiration How to Follow Islam Correctly & Professionally in 21st Century from Old Islamic tradition,such as; Beheading, crucified, Flogging and cut off hand People at Front Public etc. To the Modern Interpretation of Islam. Please Join My Spiritual Interpretation of Al Quran.
    Allah will not Change the Condition if You do not Change it by Yourself. Q.13;11.

    Shariah law at 15 Centuries ago should be updated / Reformed.
    Mr. Erdogan, President Turkey say;
    "Islam is needed an update and accordingly updated. You can't apply the practices applied 15 centuries ago today. Islam changes and adapts to the condition of different ages. This is the beauty of Islam".
    Islam is a Religion of Progressive.

    We reject Islamic extremist, intolerance, who wants to create Islamic State, Halal Foods, Islamic Bank, Islamic Grocery, Burqa-Hijab, Al Quran and Hadith become the law of government. There is no freedom of religion, expression and reject Human Right.The Extremist mislead people around the world. Create conflict, hostility and discrimination against non Islam such as ISIS, Taliban, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

    Do you agree Riffat?

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