Gambian Islamic Scholar Speaks Against Ahmadiyya TV Station

March 7, 2018


Imam Drammeh 

A prominent Gambian Islamic scholar has warned the government of President Adama Barrow not to grant a television license to the country’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.

Gambian authorities are currently considering an application by the Ahmadis for a television licence.

But Imam Ratib Muhammad Al Amin Drammeh of Serrekunda said the application should be refused as the Ahmadis are not Muslims.

“The Ahmadis have to stop making false claims about their true identity. They cannot apply a TV license on the basis they are
Muslims,” the imam told the Associated
Press news agency.

The Ahmadis who already run a number of schools and health facilities in the Muslim dominated country have so far refused to respond to concerns of the cleric.

The Gambia is a secular country which guarantees and protects religious freedom. But Muslim clerics are concerned about the effects a non-Muslim tv station will have on the Muslim youth.

In his sermon last Friday, Imam Drammeh launched a scathing attack on the Ahmadis and described themas ‘Kafirs (nonbelievers)and enemies of Islam.’

“The  Ahmadis are assigning human attributes to Allah as they hold the belief that He has wife, kids, father and mother,” he told his congregation at Masjid Sulaiman, Dippakunda.

“Their spiritual leader Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has pushed the blasphemy to the extent of saying he slept with Allah.

The Ahmadis do not believe that the Quran was revealed in a clear Arabic language. The idea that they maintain is the Quran descended onto humanity in English language.”


Meanwhile, Gambia’s Information Minister Demba Ali Jawo and the Gambia Press Union have issued statements decrying religious intolerance, urging the authorities not to succumb to pressure and act in accordance with the law of land.

Written by Abdoulie JOHN


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