Faithful return to Jerusalem holy site as Christian protest ends



By AFP – Feb 28,2018 – JORDAN TIMES


A general view of the Edicule of the Tomb at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday (Reuters photo)


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM — Tourists and pilgrims returned to the Jerusalem church built at the site many see as the holiest in Christianity on Wednesday as it reopened following a rare three-day closure in protest at Israeli measures.

The two men who act as keepers of the key of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre unlocked its large wooden doors at around 4:00am [0200 GMT], ending the protest that began Sunday at noon and kept thousands of would-be visitors out.

Shortly afterwards, a group of pilgrims emerged from the still darkened corridors of Jerusalem’s Old City to visit the sacred site.

“We prayed in front of the doors every day since Sunday,” said Francois-Roch Ferlet, a 29-year-old visiting with a group of 50 people from France, standing near the ornate shrine encasing the traditional site of Jesus’ tomb inside the church.

They were due to leave later on Wednesday and were relieved they were able to visit.

Large crowds of tourists and pilgrims filed into the church throughout the morning.



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    • Actually this shows where Jesus was brought after crucifixion. And it is not a ‘grave’ in the usual sense. (The body was not covered by earth!). It could well be the place where ‘creams were put on his body, to heal his wounds’. And the grave of the usual sense, is still in Kashmir. Go and check it out.

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