BANGLADESH: Bomb thrown at Ahmadiyya Jamaat imam’s house

Our Correspondent, Jamalpur

Criminals hurled a bomb at the residence of the imam of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Jame mosque at Hosnabad village in Sarishabari upazila on Friday night.

However, none was injured as the bomb was hurled at the outside wall of the residence adjacent to the mosque, creating panic among the family members of Imam Moulana Asaduzzaman, said Rezaul Islam Khan, officer-in-charge of Sarishabari Police Station.

Those who are against the philosophy of Ahmadiyya Jamaat might have been involved in the incident, he said.


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1 reply

  1. Another a sad news from Islamic country-Bangladesh.

    I would like to ask all readers, ahmadiyyah and non Ahmadiyyah.
    What we can do to prevent the extremist Muslim NOT to persecute Ahmadiyyah in Islamic countries?

    Send condemnation is not insufficent at all— the extremist Muslim still keep persecuting Ahmadiyyah.

    What is your best solution? Do not be silent!


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