‘Riyadh working with Trump to push peace process’

By AA – Feb 23,2018 – JORDAN TIMES

DOHA, Qatar — Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir on Thursday said his country was working with the administration of US President Donald Trump with a view to pushing the Middle East peace process forward.

Jubeir made the assertion in a speech delivered before EU officials in Brussels.

According to Riyadh’s top diplomat, Saudi officials are currently holding talks with the Trump administration in hopes of hammering out a “comprehensive” settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.

“The best way to resolve the dispute is to present negotiators with a comprehensive — rather than partial — peace package,” Jubeir said.

Such a package, he added, should address all outstanding issues of contention, including settlements, borders and refugees.

Stressing the deep historical importance of Jerusalem, Jubeir said Riyadh was “looking forward” to hearing the US administration’s feedback regarding its proposals.

Last December, Trump officially recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, triggering widespread condemnation and protest across the Arab and Muslim world.

Following the controversial move, the Palestinian leadership vowed to eschew Washington’s traditional role as peace broker.

source:   http://jordantimes.com/news/region/riyadh-working-trump-push-peace-process%E2%80%99

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  1. I believe Saudi Arabia join Jordan and Egypt to recognize the state of Israel—and then all sunni states including Pakustan, India, Bsngladesh and Indonesis will follow Saudi Arabia to recognize Israel.

    The world will be changed Rafiq. I do not know : will Saudi recognize Ahmadiyyah Islam? Hopefully Yes!

    All ❤️

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