Quebec community rallies for mosque attack hero: ‘He sacrificed his legs for us’

Source: The Guardian

BY  in Toronto

When gunfire erupted in his mosque in Quebec City, Aymen Derbali’s instincts took over. The 41-year-old locked eyes with the shooter, inching slowly towards him through the 50 or so people still milling around after evening prayers.


His plan was simple: “I thought if he shoots in my direction, he wouldn’t use his bullets on anyone else.”

The gunman put seven bullets in Derbali before pausing to reload his semi-automatic rifle. As Derbali slipped out of consciousness, he noticed that his plan had worked; the momentary distraction had allowed several to escape the mosque.

Two months later, Derbali woke up in a Quebec City hospital – and only then did he learn the horrifying toll of the attack: six men, all of them fathers, were dead. He was one of 19 people who had been injured.

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2 replies

  1. My view: we cannot defeat Islamophobia if we cannot defeat our extremist Muslim and terrorist.
    Let us clean our house first!
    All love❤️

    • Terrorists are criminals. Those who join are not joining for religious reasons but because they like the criminal activities. Look at the background of most terrorists caught in Europe. Most of them have a criminal background.

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