Saudi-led coalition announces $1.5 billion in new aid for war-torn Yemen

In this Aug. 25, 2017 file photo, people inspect the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi-led airstrikes in Sanaa, Yemen. (AP Photo)

In this Aug. 25, 2017 file photo, people inspect the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi-led airstrikes in Sanaa, Yemen. (AP Photo)

A Saudi-led military coalition on Monday announced $1.5 billion in new humanitarian aid for Yemen, after the United Nations made what is called a record appeal for assistance for the war-ravaged country.

The kingdom also said the military coalition it heads in Yemen would also “increase the capacities of Yemeni ports to receive humanitarian” imports, as it faces mounting criticism for imposing a crippling blockade on the country.

The latest aid package, which follows last week’s $2 billion Saudi cash injection to Yemen’s central bank, comes amid an ever-broadening crisis in the war-torn country, where the conflict, cholera and looming famine have killed thousands and put millions of lives at risk.

“The coalition will coordinate… $1.5 billion in new humanitarian aid funding for distribution across UN agencies and international relief organizations,” the coalition announced in a statement.

The new aid program seeks to open land, sea and air lanes to Yemen to boost monthly imports to 1.4 million metric tons from 1.1 million last year, it added.

The coalition pledged up to $40 million for the expansion of ports to accommodate additional aid shipments.

Saudi Arabia leads a military coalition that intervened in Yemen in 2015 with the stated aim of rolling back Houthi rebel gains and restoring the country’s “legitimate” government to power.

The United Nations on Sunday made what it described as a record appeal for aid to Yemen, calling for nearly $3 billion in humanitarian relief for the war-torn country.

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday deposited $2 billion in Yemen’s central bank after the Yemeni prime minister made a public plea for funds to prop up the currency and help stave off hunger.

More than 9,200 people have been killed in Yemen since March 2015, when the Saudi-led military coalition intervened in the war.

Another nearly 2,200 Yemenis have died of cholera amid deteriorating hygiene and sanitation conditions, the World Health Organization says.

Over the past year, the United Nations’ efforts to address what it has described as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis have been hampered by a crippling blockade of rebel-held ports by the Saudi-led coalition


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  1. First the Saudis destroy Yemen and then ‘graciously’ give some humanitarian aid. Stupid the whole thing. (Reminds me in Baghdad when a lady in the US Embassy said: ‘they (the Iraqis) even do not accept cold water from us’ (!) What do they expect, first you destroy their house and then offer them a bottle of cold water and expect them to say nicely ‘thank you’?)

  2. There appears to be some conflicting report. According to CNN report Saudis were suppose give $2 Billion to Yemen.
    It is surprising though given Saudi’s anslaughts on Yemen, destroying their countries, killings thousands and subjecting millions to various illnesses, why are they “donating” the $1.5 Billion?
    Didn’t they have better solution as a leading Muslim nation to show mercy and forgiveness in the first place, if the were in order. But circumstances and the world report a very hidden motive that does not suite the filthy rich Saudi Regime.
    In addition, it is equally disturbing to note the way the Crown Prince (the King to be) Prince Salman Bin Muhammad arrested rest of cousins and brothers soon after he had convinced “a foreign investors” conference. It was perhaps his way of assessing what is perhaps seen as the future financial risk of the Saudi Regime as fears of falling oil prices in the near future seem likely reaction reactions are a sign of panic attack of the young prince seems to be having for his long term goals.
    Attack on Bahrain, Syria and Yemen and what seems pretty likely an attach on Iran appear to be part of his strategy to secure his economic future and control in the region,

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