Pakistan man exonerated after serving 9 years for blasphemy

Source: ABC news


Pakistan’s supreme court exonerated a man convicted of blasphemy after he served nine years of a life sentence in prison.

A two-judge panel of the court ruled on Friday that Mohammad Mansha was falsely accused, citing lack of evidence,

According to court records, Mansha, 58, was arrested in September 2008 after the imam of a mosque in the Bahawalnagar district in Punjab province told authorities that Mansha had desecrated a copy of the Quran.

A Punjab judge convicted Mansha of blasphemy and sent him to life in prison in 2009. His conviction was upheld in 2014 and the supreme court took up the case the same year.

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3 replies

  1. Blasphemy law is the extremist Islamic law—actually evil law, whereas Prophet Muhammad pbuh say in Al Quran: if some one insult Islam or prophet, respond with peace!

    Those who insult Islam or prophet is idiot or foolish one. A wise man never insult others and prophets.


  2. I understand most of that was military aid, meaning that the $ nicely stayed back in the USA. Military aid is actually aid to the armament industry. All this military equipment is not needed anyway.

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