Toxic blasphemy politics threatens Pakistan


By Seth J. Frantzman
November 26, 2017

The immediate spark for the protests came from far-right Islamist politicians whipping up populist intolerance against the Ahmadi Muslim minority.


Toxic blasphemy politics threatens Pakistan

A POLICE officer stands guard outside the Batul Noor mosque of the Ahmadi community in Lahore in 2013.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has sent in the army to clear anti-blasphemy protesters from an interchange in the capital of Islamabad, where hundreds were wounded in clashes over the weekend.

The crisis in Pakistan has been largely ignored by international media until the army was called in on Saturday. Since November 8, protesters have been demanding the resignation of Law Minister Zahid Hamid, blocking roads in the capital, particularly at the Faizabad interchange, according to various reports.

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  1. Somi, No true Muslim can be an extremist because Islam is the true teachings of love, compassion, selfishness, kindness, sacrifice and path of moderation . So All the extremists are not Muslims they just use Islam as a sorry excuse to get violent.

    • @ Riffat —- it seems to me that you are not a honest Muslim. You are not much dufferent with a the extremist Mudlim who accuse Ahmadiyyah is not Islam faith.

      Now you accuse the extremist and terrorist Muslim are not Islam ot not true Islam.
      Whereas definition of Islam are; who believe in God, all His prophets and all His books, pray 5 times a day, pay zakat and believe in hereafter. Right? You agree that?

      Ahmadiyyah and the extremist and terrorist are Muslim or Islam.
      Part A. Yes, Islamic teaching Create Peace, Mercy, Tolerance, Happiness, and Prosperity. Those Muslim who follow the peaceful verses of Al Quran became a good Muslim, lovely Muslim, telerant Muslim, wealthy Muslim

      Part B. Yes, Islamic Teaching also Create Violence, Intolerance, Disaster, Poverty and Warfare.
      Those who follow the violent verses of Al Quran and Hadith will become a extremist and terrorist Muslim abd then become poverty because of civil war.

      Islamic teaching has many interpretations, that is why Islam are devided by many setcs. It is the fact and cannot be denied it. Do you agree with me?

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