Egypt’s President al-Sisi facing serious questions about strategy to bring Isis hotspot Sinai province under control

Civilians and police and security forces have repeatedly been targeted in recent years

The Sinai mosque massacre proves what many have suspected for months in Egypt: that Isis – even without a direct claim yet –  is taking over the peninsula, targeting more and more of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s officers and police.  Thus proving that tactical defeat in Iraq and Syria means for Isis merely a change of location.

The “fall” of Sinai – perhaps even stretching down to Sharm e-Sheikh – the supposedly “safe” tourist resort – would only further undermine al-Sisi’s brash claims after his coup that he would end “terrorism” in Egypt.

This supposed battle has led to the jailing of Egyptian 60,000 political prisoners – allegedly “terrorists” but many of them young men sickened by al-Sisi’s virtual dictatorship – and an undetermined number of murders and disappearances. But the world, as usual, turned yesterday to the sending of condolences to the innocent victims of al-Sissi’s enemies. Inevitably, the victims of the regime were forgotten while the “evil and cowardly” mass murder of at least 235 worshippers at the al-Rawda mosque near al-Arish was condemned by Nato, Theresa May and a host of other Western leaders.


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  1. I do not claim to know the situation in Sinai exactly. I am just wondering whether the fact that due to the Israli / Egyptian ‘peace treaty’ Egypt had to leave Sinai as a demilitarized zone with limited police presence, whether this contributed to the present insecurity …

  2. To defeat the extremist is not only duty the police but every one has to obligate to report to police when you see a extremist around you. Do not forget as we know that a extremist Muslim will kill you even you are in Mosque.
    Be aware always
    With ❤️

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