As a vegan Muslim, Lancashire’s move to ban halal meat is misguided and divisive

Tories are hardly champions for animal rights

This week Lancashire County Council banned “unstunned” (halal) meat from schools. Is there a problem with meat or with Muslims?

Whichever way you look at it, meat is murder, and this looks like selective condemnation.  And don’t get me started on the dairy industry.

Scrapping halal meat will not only reinforce prejudice against Muslims with its subliminal Islamaphobic message but it could also play a part in inciting even more division amongst our communities.  As if the ugly Brexit fall-out, Donald Trump’s so-called Muslim ban and the ensuing rise in hate crimes weren’t enough for us to deal with.

The proposal was brought about by the Conservative council leader Geoff Driver who said it was “abhorrent” and “really cruel” to slaughter animals without stunning them first. These are the same Conservatives who wanted to repeal the fox-hunting ban. Excuse the pun but it stuns me how quickly the Tories can become the champions for animal rights. A different set of rules seems to apply to rich white people in Barbour jackets who consider ripping foxes to pieces as a sport.

The argument against halal is that animals suffer more pain during a ritual slaughter than being stunned to death. Halal, meaning “permissible”, involves slaughtering animals with one clean cut across the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe whilst the animal is alive. According to the Food Standards Agency, about 90 per cent of animals are stunned before being killed. So it’s unclear as to whether animals killed for halal meat are always stunned. And if this is the case then why even bother banning Halal meat?


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  1. And even if they do ban it, why not just calmly say they will be offering a vegetarian/fish option to the students instead? Instead of implying they will go hungry. Children do not need meat for lunch as people should be eating less meat for good health. Get those veg into them.

  2. From my investigation:
    I really do not agree with label; HALAL FOOD”
    1. At the time of prophet, very primitive way of life, sclolars did not have enough knowledge as we have today, we have technology and expert in health to investigate weather foods is healthy or can harm prople. So we should believe in Health experts instead of Islamic Clerics. Islamic clerics usually follow the ancient Uslamic law. What ever a verse or Hadith say, he follow it blindly without using his mind and knowledge.

    2. At war time of prophet, the goal forbidden Muslims to eat meat frim non Muslim slaughter is to boycotting non Muslim meats.

    Whereas Allah clearly say in Al Quran:

    Definition of lawful ( Halal) and unlawful (Haram ) as Allah and Prophet Muhammad (saw) said in Holy Quran;

    Allows them as lawful what is good and prohibits them from what is bad. QS 7;157.
    ( It is very logical religion, if there is some benefits lawful, if it harm you unlawful. )

    He has chosen you and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion of Islam. Quran. 22;78. (Only your clerics impose difficulties on you in religion of Islam.)

    What do you think?

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