The Criminals of Islam

The Criminals of Islam by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed

By Shabbir Ahmed M.D. Introduction

Dear Reader,

The Criminals of Islam is probably the most challenging book you will ever read. It took courage to write this book and it will take courage to read it. It will give you an extraordinary stimulus to think and reflect. According to Dr. A. N. Whitehead, “Our inherited beliefs are entrenched in our psyche and emotions like idols. The shaking or breaking of these idols is no less a calamity in whatever form they exist.” Therefore, this book is recommended only for the open-minded reader with considerable moral courage.

This book will point to blasphemy by some great Muslim names. Sheikh Sa’adi laid down a sound scholastic rule in his famous quote, “Exposing blasphemy is not tantamount to blasphemy”. Criticizing historical figures may sound slanderous. However, the ground of scholarship by its very nature is open for critique and we have allowed the figures in question to speak for themselves through their own writings.

Some readers might wonder which sect the author and the Shura of this book belong to. Please remember the Qur’anic decision that whosoever chooses for himself a sect in Islam, the Holy Prophet will have nothing to do with him (6:160). For that same reason, when Qaid-e-Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, was questioned about his sect, he responded, “Tell me what sect the Holy Prophet preached.”

This book is being written exclusively with the Muslim reader in mind. Although no intellectual endeavour should be confined to a certain group of people, Muslims will be in a better position to understand the contents presented here.

The reader can choose one of two reactions. The easy but futile one is anger and denial. The difficult but productive reaction would be that of sincere contemplation about how to stop this dubious conspiracy. The author will welcome suggestions from any quarter.

Being a student of history, philosophy and religion, I have encountered some bizarre, outrageous and awful statements in many so-called “authentic” and “respected” books of Islam.

I believe that enlightened Muslims could have never said, or written what we see in these works. I would have cared the least about personalities.

However, these crude stories bring a bad name to the glorious religion of Islam, the Qur’an, the Holy Messenger Mohammad, and his companions. People reading these “insults to human intelligence” find them highly distasteful and get a very negative picture of Islam, which in my opinion is the only hope for the future of humanity.

It is amazing to see that most Muslims are not even remotely aware of the problem. I would have failed in my duty as a Muslim and as a truth-seeking individual if I had kept this painful discovery to myself. Concealment of the truth in scholarship is a crime according to the Qur’an (2:42).

As a rule, a true Muslim will under no circumstances propagate shirk (polytheism), immodesty, and absolute nonsense. He or she would not indulge in making a mockery of faith in Allah and His messengers. Therefore, my understanding is that enemies of Islam (from within and without) are tampering with our sacred books. How long has it been going on? It is difficult for us to determine at this stage.

I respect the aesthetic sense of my readers. However, substitution of the original texts with milder language would have defeated the purpose of this exposition.

I urge all Muslim governments and individuals of influence in the Islamic World to focus their attention on this grave issue. We all should try our utmost to rid Islamic books of this ongoing assault and restore the shining image of Islam.

There are thousands and thousands of examples from which the author has chosen only a few hundred to share with his Muslim brothers and sisters. These examples of insults will begin with Hadith Bukhari, supposedly the most authentic book of Islam after the Qur’an. Later on, this book will examine quotations from other books of ahadith (traditions of the Holy Prophet), fiqh (jurisprudence written by imams), prominent Mullas (clergy) and master Sufis (mystics).

Care has been taken to provide accurate references. I will appreciate if any error is pointed out. I urge the reader to study this book with an open mind. Many of the works referred to in this book are readily available, especially those of Ghazali, Maudoodi and Bukhari. The reader is encouraged to check the references individually. This is important because most of the excerpts given in this book are too outrageous to believe. The first response they elicit is “How can this be?!” I have had some experience with the Urdu version of this title. Some readers even doubted my sincerity in the beginning. As they read on and looked into the original sources, they changed their mind and called this work a great service to Islam.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Most of the references cited in this book have been taken from Urdu sources. The author has checked the original Arabic or Persian texts where possible. Care has been taken to preserve the meaning of the narratives and within their appropriate context. Please also remember that popular books have many different publishers. That results in variation of page numbers, but almost in all cases a little effort can lead the reader to the desired reference. Please keep in mind that narratives given in this book are ascribed to the Holy Prophet, unless otherwise mentioned. Italics will indicate the quotation, and plain type will be the author’s comments. Please add the salutation SallAllah Alaihe Wasallam mentally while you read. Finally, the references will generally be in the format: (author, title volume:page). Let’s begin in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful . . .



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  1. @ Athor
    ==As a rule, a true Muslim will under no circumstances propagate shirk (polytheism), immodesty, and absolute nonsense. He or she would not indulge in making a mockery of faith in Allah and His messengers. Therefore, my understanding is that enemies of Islam (from within and without) are tampering with our sacred books. How long has it been going on? It is difficult for us to determine at this stage.===

    How long has it been going on?
    From my investigation,
    It started from collecting all Verses and Hadith and compiled to a book. At the time of prophet and companions live in primitive way, all verses were written on stone, animal skin, and someone who tried to memorized verses. Prophet Muhammad pbuh did not know the Al Quran and the book of Hadith that we have today.
    Error could be occurred naturally, men could make some mistakes easily.
    However, we still thank to them and appreciate what they done.
    Only Allah never make mistake, Only Allah is Perfect, all His creation are not perfect , include the book of Al Quran and the book of Hadith are not perfect.

    The result of praticing the unperfect books as we see today, Muslim are divided, no peace, live in conflict and poverty.
    Our duty is to fix it the best we can. What we know is the tenet of Islamic teaching are: love and justice for all.

    As long as all sect of Islam can practice the tenet of Islam, I think we can live in peace, prosperity anf happiness.
    May Allah guide us all to the true path of Islam. Amin

  2. Somi, I think, from the jist of it the book sound promising and it cannot be considered a reason for concern until all of its aspects and written words come to light.

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